Physics is a unique area of study that allows you to delve deeper into understanding the fundamentals of the universe. In an attempt to mentally battle some of the world’s most difficult concepts, why not simultaneously explore some of the world’s most interesting cultures as well? Physics is all about thinking critically to make connections. Study Physics abroad and it may give you the perfect opportunity to apply these skills to other aspects of your life, allowing you to make connections with different kinds of people, see the incredible beauty of languages other than mathematics, and explore the physical world as a whole.

Why Study Physics Abroad?

You often hear of humanity majors studying abroad, but not science majors. It may take more planning and organisation to study abroad as a physics major. Physics is, however, a ubiquitous subject. Courses are standardized across the world, with everyone speaking the universal language of physics. Your future contributions to the field of physics will be to the global scientific community as a whole. Having interactions with other scientists across the globe may only further your academic success, and being surrounded by different cultures may further your appreciation of the world.