It’s no secret that fashion is something that is different all over the world and inspired by different cultures and countries, but what you might not be aware of is how much you might enhance your career by enrolling in a study abroad fashion program. Imagine learning from experts in Italy, France and other fashion and style capitals of the world. While you might learn about international fashions and their influences on the industry in an American program, imagine how much more you could learn by actually traveling to the countries and cultures about which you’re learning? Students looking to really explore the world of fashion should consider the option to study fashion abroad. 

Fashion’s all about taking chances, so why not take a chance on possibly making yourself, your career and your education better than you ever imagined by studying at an international institute of higher learning? If you already have a degree in fashion, there’s a good chance the perfect internship is just outside of North American borders. 

Study Fashion Abroad

If you like the idea of studying fashion in more than one country, know that programs such as AIFS offer multi-cultural fashion study abroad programs that take students everywhere from London and Paris to Milan and Florence. The program is designed to strike the perfect balance between learning, sightseeing, drinking in the local culture and free time, helping to lower the chances of feeling particularly overwhelmed or bored.[i] 

To learn more about fashion in England, you may want to consider the API program. This fashion design study abroad program allows students to learn at the prestigious London College of Fashion where they have the option of concentrating their studies in either fashion design and merchandising or footwear. There’s even a Paris field trip and internship component to the program.[ii]

International Fashion Certificate and Graduate Programs

If you already have a degree in fashion, you may like the idea of obtaining a fashion certificate while studying in another country. Choose from a one- or two-year program at the Lorenzo de’ Medici institution where you have the option of preparing for a career as a fashion editor, merchandise manager, event planner, retail buyer, creative director or visual merchandiser. Now you may better focus your fashion career all while immersing yourself in the culture of another country. If you’re worried about learning in Italy, know the program offers Italian language tutoring and Italian conversation exchange.[iii]

There’s also a chance you might be more intrigued at the idea of completing a graduate degree through a fashion designing abroad program. If you are, know the IFA Paris Fashion School offers a Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design. This 15-month graduate program is taught in English and offers modules such as fashion cross culture and fashion product semiology. Instructors have the aim of teaching students about the fashion industry and brand strategies as well as understanding the financial strategies that are unique to fashion.[iv]

If you have more of a passing interest in fashion, you may study fashion abroad through a foundation course offered by ESMOD Paris. What’s unique about the six-month course is that it’s designed to give students an education foundation in fashion culture, art history, figure drawing and sculpture.[v]

Don’t spend your life wondering what it’s like learning about fashion and style from an international perspective, and don’t settle for a fashion career in which you feel stifled and stuck because you aren’t aware of your career and education options. Learn about fashion, study fashion abroad, see the world, learn a new language and have experiences you’re unlikely to forget by exploring fashion study abroad programs. The ideal program may be easier to find (and more affordable) than you think. 

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