If you’re passionate about botany, ecology, and other related topics, studying abroad may be a great fit for you. Whether you want to earn a degree abroad, explore a new culture while supporting your current degree program, or simply to explore your passion, a study botany abroad program may have a lot to offer you. You may have the opportunity not only to learn about plants, conservation, and related topics, but also to study a new ecosystem up close. Whether that means exploring the rainforests of Central and South America, or other megadiverse countries like Kenya, India, China, or Australia, studying abroad may offer you unique opportunities to apply your studies up close in the real world.

Why Study Botany Abroad?

Whether you live in a country considered megadiverse such as the United States, or elsewhere, studying Botany, Plant Science, and other similar fields may be strengthened by opportunities for real world context. For example, travelling to countries like Ecuador, Colombia or Brazil may offer the opportunity to learn about the unique ecosystem of the rainforest up close and in person. Somewhere farther afield like Australia also boasts unique flora and fauna not found in other parts of the world. Additionally, studying abroad may allow you to work under respected educators from around the world.