Study Archaeology Abroad | Archaeology Study Abroad ProgramsArchaeology is an inherently international subject, exploring and excavating ancient ruins all around the world. A Study archaeology abroad program may give you the kind of hands on experience you need in order to deepen your understanding of the field. Whether you’re pursuing an archaeology degree formally, whether it ties to your other preferred subject areas such as history or anthropology, or whether you’re looking for an opportunity to learn about a new subject and passion in an exciting location, a variety of great programs may be able to give you what you’re looking for.

Why Study Archaeology Abroad

Whether you’re looking for a full degree program, a semester abroad, or internship opportunities, studying Archaeology abroad may be a great way to strengthen your CV with unique and relevant experience. Studying abroad may allow you to gain hands on experience at active dig sites, to visit world renowned archaeology and anthropology museum collections, and to put your studies in a real-world context.

Even if you’re not pursuing a career in archaeology, taking the opportunity to learn more about archaeology in practice may compliment many other areas of study, or even develop a new personal passion outside of your primary field. You may have the opportunity to work alongside professors and students from all over the world, while immersing yourself in a new culture in an exciting new location.