Packing to Study Abroad

Smart packing is a must for any study abroad excursion regardless of whether the program lasts a few weeks or a few months. Many hosting universities have packing checklists available, which will eleviate any uncertainty when deciding what to bring and what not to bring. Following these tips will also help with the process:

  • Find out what the typical weather pattern in the selected country during this time period.
  • Research how many pieces of luggage can be taken on an international flight and what is the allowed weight limit is for each piece.
  • Make sure the luggage meets all of the safety and customs requirements for international flights.
  • Be conscious of whether the student be required to carry all of this luggage for any length of time or distance.
  • Leave extra room in luggage or bring an empty backpack, which can be used for souveniers that the student plans to bring home.
  • Always keep valuables such as money, passport and camera equipment in a carry on bag, which should stay with the student at all times during the flight.
  • Insure the baggage and personal effects for the full period abroad.
  • When traveling with a camera, buy a lead-lined film bag. Contrary to posted airport claims, some X-ray devices ruin film.
  • If your child has a large amount of baggage, check with the host institution to see if some of it can be shipped in advance.

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