Where Should Your Child Study Abroad?

Selecting a study abroad can be difficult because there are so many wonderful and exciting programs from which to choose. When your child is searching for the right program, ask them to keep the following questions in mind:

  • Do I want to travel to one area, or many areas during my time abroad?
  • Do I want to study in a large city, or a more rural area?
  • What time of year do I want to go abroad? How long do I want to go abroad for?
  • Are there any restrictions from my current school about when I can go abroad and for how long I can go?
  • Can I afford this program and still have spending money for personal travel/souvenirs? Will this program accept my financial aid awards?
  • Does this program offer courses that will enhance and be counted towards my chosen major/minor?
  • Will my current school accept credits transferred from a program through another university?
  • Will I need to purchase insurance?
  • Am I ready for a program that requires an adventurous personality?
  • Are there any foreign language considerations I need to be concerned about?
  • Would I prefer to live on campus in a dorm with other students, or with a local family?
  • Will I be able to adjust in a country with very different cultural and culinary customs?

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