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If you want to submerse yourself in a gorgeous part of the world, why not do so through internships in Granada, Spain? Granada’s uniqueness makes it a treasured place to visit, and submersing yourself in its culture will likely stimulate your mind, open your heart, and infuse your spirit. Plus, while you’re developing yourself personally, you may also develop yourself professionally by expanding your professional aptitude and acumen through an internship. Add to these amazing opportunities the possibility of earning academic credit, and you’ve got yourself a trifecta. Given this threefold of benefits, it may make sense to jump right in. Read on to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Interning in Granada?

Where to begin? Granada is chock full of fascination and intrigue. But before we expound, let’s cover some of the potential benefits of interning abroad (use this to convince your parents, teachers, or advisors!):

  1. Interning in Granada may be a perfect way to develop your knowledge and skills in a discipline or field you find important. Whether your internship engages you in an aspect of your field yet unexplored or helps you make sense of what you’ve already learned, interning abroad could be a great way to develop and enhance your knowledge and skills and ultimately make your degree more useful.
  2. Interning in Granada may present to you an opportunity to connect with locals and other people that many tourists miss. As you intern, you might develop your personal, professional, and academic network on an international scale. You may make new friends, develop important contacts, and, in the meantime, learn from people about their lifestyles and culture. 
  3. Interning in Granada may be a wonderful way to develop your Spanish language skills (or to study Catalan, if you’re interested). As you navigate your internship and everyday life in Granada, you may develop your capacities to speak, listen, read, and write in Spanish. You might also learn some of the Spanish lexicon for your discipline or field. Knowing another language could boost your resume and help you communicate with people who speak Spanish down the road. 
  4. Interning and studying abroad in Granada could be a great way to enhance your academic and professional knowledge. If you intern and take classes, you might be able to present your supervisor with questions about your studies, and your teacher with questions about your internship. These two aspects of your program could be mutually beneficial.
  5. Interning in Granada could prove a wonderful way to explore the city as a local might. With a more structured schedule, you might establish regular routes to work; regular times to shop, eat, and explore the city; and regular interactions with people from the community. This more structured time spent navigating and participating in a community could help you get a sense of life and culture in Granada.
  6. Interning in Granada places you in the heart of an intriguing city. When you’re not interning, you may be able to explore and become more culturally sensitive and aware of the histories and influences of a fascinating part of the world. Read on to learn more about what you might see and experience in Granada.

What Can I Do and See in Granada?

What you’ll see and do in Granada ultimately depends on your personal goals, personality, and day-to-day opportunities and experiences. However, we can give you a sense of what you might see and do in this stunning city.

First, let’s get you oriented. Located in southern Spain, Granada sits just inland and across the Mediterranean Sea from Morocco, Africa (Granada itself is about one hour’s drive from the coast of Spain!). It sits at the foot of the Sierra Mountains and marks the confluence of four rivers. It’s part of the autonomous community Andalusia. 

Now, let’s get a sense of Granada’s history and culture. At the heart of each are Granada’s Roman, Latin, Arab, and Moorish roots. Put together, these influences help shape the city’s Spanish and Islamic landscape. Decorating the streets of Granada—and informing much of its culture—are castles, palaces, mosques, churches, cathedrals, sculptures, fountains, monuments, and other works or architecture and art that mark the city’s history.

Granada’s modern-expressions blend with its historic ones to provide a unique backdrop for interning abroad. The city’s public spaces, such as parks, gardens, and public squares, are clearly treasured as evidenced by their well-maintained, beautiful decorated, and prominent positions; and countless restaurants, boutiques, and other amenities and places mark the city’s modern characteristics. Put together with Granada’s historic sights and landmarks, these fabulous features make Granada an enticing city to explore.   

Here are some specific things you might enjoy while you’re interning in Granada:  

  • Albaicín, a historic Arab quarter. There you can observe Moorish-style, whitewashed houses and buildings as you wander through narrow streets along quaint walkways. If you look up, you might see the area’s well-preserved stretch of ancient protective walls, and as you look around you, you’ll likely witness historic churches and mosques.
  • The Alhambra, a stunning complex of palaces, fortresses, and patios that date back to Moorish times. Glowing red in certain light, the Alhambra provides a foreground to the Sierra Mountains and resides amongst lush green trees. You may find this UNESCO World Heritage Site particularly magical and spellbinding. Leave plenty of time to enjoy it.  
  • Arab bath houses, or places where you submerse yourself in a series of warm, hot, and cold baths to stimulate your system. Commonly set within Moorish buildings brimming with intricate arches, beautiful mosaics, and beautiful details, Arab bath houses may give you a first-hand taste of Moorish history and tradition. 
  • Granada and its nuances. Part of what makes Granada beautiful is its subtleties and traditions. Wander through the city and observe details, people-watch, and partake in anything that intrigues you. Eat tapas. Watch flamenco dance. Read poems in Catalan and Spanish, even if you have no idea what they’re saying. Enjoy festivals and street fairs. Sit in churches. And basically do everything you can to see, smell, taste, touch, and otherwise sense this beautiful city.

Where Can I Intern in Granada?

There are numerous fields and disciplines within which you can intern in Granada. Through our page, you can explore your options by term (spring, fall, or winter semester, summer break, or academic year, for example) and work type (architecture, education, hospitality, medical, journalism, and the physical and social sciences, for example). If you’re not sure in what discipline or field you’d like to engage or for what duration, you can explore your options on this page to get a broader sense of what’s available.

How Can I Find Internships in Granada?

As you browse through Internships in Granada programs on this page or find them using our search tool, click on their links to learn more and to discover how to register. Look at program options, components, and other features to decipher which might be perfect for you. Don’t hesitate to contact programs directly through our site to ask clarifying questions. Then, jump right in! Now may be a fantastic time to explore and intern in Granada.