So you want to enhance your academic resume with professional experience, while simultaneously gaining important international experience that will set you apart? Consider being an intern abroad in New Zealand. Located in the Southern Pacific, east of Australia, New Zealand is a great place to explore a fascinating, diverse culture while gaining valuable professional and educational experience. From New Zealand’s indigenous traditions, to the influence of a variety of surrounding and foreign cultures, to its successful economy, there are a lot of reasons you might want to choose New Zealand.

Why Intern Abroad in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a unique location to conduct your internship abroad, with a variety of industries contributing to a successful economy, a diverse and thriving culture, and a unique and beautiful landscape. Whether you’re interested in conservation, forestry, environmental science, biology, marine biology, or other related fields, New Zealand might have great opportunities for you. New Zealand also boasts a significant tourism industry, as well as agriculture and energy. All of this means that there might be great opportunities for people with a variety of skills, both business-oriented and otherwise. New Zealand even has an up-and-coming film industry, with many well-known and award winning films shot here, such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Chronicles of Narnia.