Internships in Milan, Italy | Internship Abroad in MilanAn Internship Abroad in Milan, Italy brings you to the main industrial and financial center in Italy and certainly, one of the leading global cities in the world. [i] If you can picture combining academic credit, travel, and valuable global experience in a city renowned for art, commerce, design, fashion, finance and more, choosing an internship program in Milan is definitely worth considering.

Why Consider an Internship Abroad in Milan?

Above all else, an international internship should give you the vital job-related experience that you need for your degree and future career. Milan is a globally recognized for its strengths in the arts and entertainment, commerce and banking, fashion and design, education, services and tourism. It’s fast pulse buzzes with innovation and industry as much as blends in some of the traditions and vibe from its ancient past.

FUN FACT: If you want to say “global” in Italian, say ‘globale’ (web)[ii]

What Makes Milan Unique?

One of the things that sets Milan apart is that it is a convergence point for business, fashion, industrial design, and architecture. Its unique character is a blend of cultural institutions and contemporary projects. Usually you are placed in an unpaid internship which could possibly take about 25 hours of your time, and there are a number of things to do to balance work and play.

  • Check out La Scala, one of the most prestigious operahouses in the world[iii]
  • A day of museums like the Pinoteca di Brera,
  • Walk the city to see its sculptures and murals
  • Have authentic risotto alla Milanese
  • Check out the Milan Fashion Week

Getting Around

Milan is one of Italy’s most important railway hubs; jump on a tram, the Milan metro, a trolley-bus, walk, taxi, drive or bike it.

Designed in Milan

Whether it is a fashion merchandising internship, an architecture or furniture design internship, Milan is a booming center of all. Modern skyscrapers such as the Pirelli Tower now dot the cityscape and some of the most prestigious fashion labels are headquartered in the city (think: Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana).

Business Internships

With its dynamic pace, a Business Internship Abroad in Milan might be a great way to build your professional skills, as well as strengthen your ability to communicate across cultures. A day in the life might have you dashing by one of Milan’s legendary institutions such as the Borsa Italiana, Italy’s main stock exchange. 

Michelin Stars

If you are contemplating cuisine, a culinary Internship Abroad in Milan is definitely a palatable idea. Milan is known for its world-class restaurants and cafes; in 2014 it had 157 Michelin-selected places.

Is Language an Option?

Some programs have optional languages classes to improve your proficiency in Italian; some Internships in Milan may place you in setting where a basic understanding of the local language is a good idea.  

How to Find an Internship Abroad in Milan

Browse sponsored listings for different Internship Abroad in Milan Programs. Look for one where they help you fine-tune your resume before you get started and help customize your experience in terms of matching your professional goals with a suitable program. International Internships breed a special kind of confidence. Since you have to navigate a foreign culture, learn to collaborate with people from different backgrounds, and express strength in an unfamiliar setting and (in Italian), acquiring these global skills in addition to work-related knowledge may set you up for continued success.

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