If you want to study abroad in Ecuador, why not do so through an internship? Internships provide an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge and, in some cases, earn academic credit. Completing an internship in Ecuador may also help you develop your Spanish-language skills in both professional and social settings. Finally, interning abroad in Ecuador through an internship may enable you to enhance your resume and enjoy an amazing adventure at once. Why not pursue internships in Ecuador?

If You Want to Intern and Study Abroad, Ecuador Might Be a Great Option

There are many great reasons to complete an internship in Ecuador. First and foremost, internships in Ecuador happen in many fields and disciplines. Whether you work for a grassroots organization, a school, a medical clinic, an ecologic institute, teaching English, or elsewhere, you’ll likely develop your communication skills, skills pertinent to your discipline, and your overall professional acumen. You’ll also likely learn some of the Spanish terminology specific to your field. And, should you opt to harness the benefit of interning in a Spanish-speaking country, you might engage in an intensive language program. Some internship programs include or offer an intensive-language component. Participating in an internship and developing your Spanish language skills could enhance your resume, career, and future! These are just some of the many reasons to intern abroad in Ecuador.

You may also like to explore the country while you’re interning abroad in Ecuador. Here are some great things to do: 

Enjoy Ecuador’s Natural Beauty: Ecuador brims with natural beauty. The Galapagos Islands are a must-see. There you may swim with sea lions, take pictures of blue-footed Boobies, and get up close and personal with giant sea tortoises. You may also mountain-bike down the Cotopaxi Volcano, explore the Amazon Rain Forest, or enjoy hot springs and other bodies of water in Banos, the self-proclaimed adventure capital of Ecuador. Not to mention that you may simply soak in the beauty of Ecuador’s beaches, mountains, vistas, and other gorgeous sights.

The Culture: Ecuador’s culture derives from a blend of indigenous (including Incan) and Spanish influences. To give you a sense of Ecuador’s indigenous diversity, there are 22 languages spoken throughout the country. Only one is a European language—Spanish—and the others are predominately American Indian languages. Ecuador’s arts, literature, and music are very much influenced by its native populations with infusions of Spanish and even African flavors. On another note, the culture by and large embraces “machismo,” or a cultural element in which traditional roles between men and women exist. Ecuadorian’s may also be fastidiously commitment to etiquette and custom. Be sure to brush up on traditional etiquette before you go.

The Food: While in Ecuador, you may enjoy many opportunities to try new foods and break bread with others. What you’ll eat will likely depend on where you are in the country. The Amazon, Sierra, and Pacific Coasts regions all boast and embrace unique flavors. As you explore the country, here are some of the many dishes you might enjoy:  

  • Arroz con pollo or camarones (rice cooked with chicken or shrimp). This typically comes as a side to main dishes.
  • Ceviche (raw seafood and shellfish “cooked” by a citrus, typically lime). This is most popular in coastal cities where the seafood is fresh. It may be served with onions and a root vegetable on the side.
  • Choclo (roasted Andean corn that many locals eat as an appetizer or snack).
  • Cuy (guinea pig! While you may be used to having guinea pigs as pets, in some of South America, it’s considered delicious cuisine). Try it baked or roasted!
  • Llapingachos (cheesy potato patties grilled to perfection). These are often served alongside pork, a friend egg, and a side of avocado or salad.

Also try Ecuador’s soups and stews, delicious traditional sauces, and unique beverages (many of which blend local flavors and spices with tropical fruit juices).

The Opportunity: Completing an internship while you study abroad in Ecuador may present a unique opportunity to build your resume, grow your skills, practice your Spanish, and enjoy an adventure in a warm and inviting country. Plus you can potentially build your international network, connect with professionals in your field, and make friends that may last a lifetime.

Find Internships in Ecuador Programs

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