Internships in Beijing, China | Beijing Internship ProgramsInterning Abroad in Beijing, China, could offer you a multitude of choices when it comes to possible programs: you could build upon skills you’ve learned during your undergraduate studies, or develop new ones to help enhance future career possibilities. You won’t be learning just that, though. You could have the chance to grow not only professionally, but personally through the culture seen throughout Beijing: the food, the traditions, and the people you could have the chance to live amongst during your Internships in Beijing program.

Why Consider an Internship Program in Beijing China?

An internship in Beijing, China could be applied to many different collegiate or post-collegiate concentrations. You could pursue possible internships that apply to hospitality and tourism, education, business, conservation, and community development to name a few. While you may be benefitting from the education of your internship, you may also have the chance to seek out formal instruction as well. Programs could offer additional courses in things such as Chinese language studies to enhance your program. You could get the chance to completely immerse yourself in the culture you’re living amongst – and come back with valuable skills as well!

What Could Life Be Like When I Intern Abroad in Beijing, China?

It’s food: Beijing’s native cuisine combines many of the surrounding region’s specialties. This is because the Emperor, who lived in Beijing, employed so many regional chefs. Beijing cuisine is comprised mainly of snacks or little dishes that are perfect for sharing any time of the day. You may encounter ingredients such as dark soy bean paste, sesame products, scallions, and fermented tofu. While many cooking techniques are used, frying is a favorite of the region. You may encounter some of these dishes on your journey:

  • Peking duck is a popular Beijing delicacy – perhaps better known as Beijing Roast Duck. This dish is known for its crispy skin and savory taste. Many natives dip the skin in sugar before eating. Try it out for an authentic taste!
  • Gangou potatoes might be a great recipe for internationals to try if they’re slowly introducing themselves to Beijing cuisine. Their translated name – dry pot potato slices – accurately describes them: sliced potatoes are simmered with crispy pork and chilies for a warm, winter treat.
  • Mongolian Hotpot is a historical dish that’s perfect for sharing with your new peers. Hotpot includes a boiling pot of soup that you could use to cook vegetables and meats. The northern hotpot is often less spicy than its southern counterpart.
  • Tanghulu is a popular street food in many large cities throughout the country. This sweet treat is made by coating local fruits in a hard sugar coating: the traditional choice being the Chinese Hawthorn.

After you’re done with those delectable meals, why not wash it down with a cup of ginger tea? Some Chinese believe that this tea might alleviate some stomach ailments. Even if it doesn’t, this spiced tea makes for an energizing drink!

It’s culture: China is located in the eastern part of Asia. The third largest country in the world, China shares boarders with 13 other countries: notably Russia, India, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. Beijing, the capitol of China, is located in its northernmost region in the Hebei province. The majority of its population speak Mandarin as their language, but many favor a particular Beijing vernacular. This could be a great way to develop your budding Chinese skills.

Visiting others is a key part of Chinese culture, so feel free to visit some of your new peers that you meet during your program. They might even return the favor!

It’s sights: China offers many sights to explore during your program. Why not use the following list as a starting point for your adventures?

  • The Great Wall of China is one of China’s iconic sites. Beijing is a great place to access the towering, man-made structure. You could begin your walk along the wall from Mutianyu, Jinshanling, or Jiankou.
  • The Beijing National Stadium was shown on an international scale during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Now the “Bird’s Nest” is home to a variety of sports and events.
  • The Forbidden City is a historical reminder that Beijing used to be the home of emperors. The imperial palace housed Chinese royalty during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Find Internships in Beijing, China

Interning abroad in Beijing, China, might not just prepare you for a possible future occupation, or develop your chosen professional skills. This program could also allow you to delve into the centuries old Chinese culture. You might be able to access many facets of this culture: by living in the bustling city of Beijing, you could have feel the unique heartbeat of the city – even contribute to it! Getting excited? Browse the links below to find a perfect intern abroad in Beijing, China, program. Once you’ve found one that interests you, request more information by following the link – or apply! We hope you find a perfect internship abroad in Beijing, China, today!