Internships in China Program InformationIf you are a college student or recent graduate looking for an unforgettable and immersive internship experience, why not consider Internships in China? The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world and still has an influence in today’s business world. Pursuing an internship abroad could help you attain a global perspective in your desired industry, possibly network with other professionals and potentially help you gain a level of independence and self-confidence you may not have gained otherwise.

Why Should You Consider Internships in China?

For many students and recent graduates pursuing an internship at home is the obvious and safe choice. Those who are more adventurous, maybe someone like you, might be wise to take the opportunity to travel abroad to China. The potential of gaining practical experience your desired industry is something that could impact the future of your potential post collegiate career.

There are a variety of different internships that differ in length, amount of practical experience offered, the possibility of earning a stipend, specific industry programs and many other features. If you’re still apprehensive, here are some experiential facets that might make you decide that interning abroad in China is the perfect choice for you.

  1. Although you may be aware of the city life of Beijing, China has quite an array of diverse landscapes. Huanglong, the Great Wall and the Yangtze River are just a few of China’s must-sees.[i] For those who wish to discover what China has to offer might never run out of new places to explore.
  2. China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world clocking in at over 9.5% or more for almost 30 years now. This could potentially be a good thing for those who want to continue a potential career in China.[ii]
  3. The food you will have the opportunity to try is nothing like the American Chinese cuisine you may have eaten before. Interning abroad in China could be an unmatched experience professionally, personally and gastronomically.

Potential to Teach Abroad

For students or recent graduates looking to pursue an experience in teaching abroad, perhaps you should search for programs that allow you to live with a host family as an Au Pair. An Au Pair is someone who look after children, do light chores around the house and teach your host family English. This could probably best suit a student who’s already at least proficient in Mandarin or another Chinese dialect. Those who seek a degree in education or East Asian Studies might enjoy this type of program.

If being an Au Pair seems like a little too much responsibility, a classroom setting might be a better choice. There are programs that allow you to teach English to young children up to adults.

Make an Impact on the Future

It’s no secret that in especially the city areas China has a smog and pollution problem.[iii] The air quality is markedly lower at times than most western cities. For students or recent graduates who wish to help the Chinese people regain a better quality of life, perhaps an internship or volunteer program abroad focusing on sustainability would be a perfect choice.

Business is Booming

Students fluent in English but wish to learn Chinese might have a warm welcome in the Chinese business world since much of their business is done internationally.

Find the Perfect Internship Program in China

Determining which internships in China program could be the perfect choice may be a bit difficult, but once you pursue a spot in an internship program the potential of having an unforgettable educational and personal experience is within your reach! Interning in China just may be your opportunity to enrich your studies and personal journey. So don’t just sit there, start searching for your perfect program! Choose between the “select a term” and “select a work type” menus. There you just might find the internship abroad program that you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy your search!

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