Looking for an intriguing place to study? Look no further than New York! One of the earliest US colonies, New York was originally known as New Amsterdam by the Dutch before English settlers renamed the area. With a culture rich in history, as well as people, interests, and flavor, studying abroad in New York is a fantastic choice for your scholarly aspirations.

Found in the Mid-Atlantic area below Canada and above New Jersey and Pennsylvania, New York is alternately known as the “Empire State” or the “Big Apple.” New York’s capital city is Albany, though New York City is the largest city in the state. And though “New York, New York’s” urban sprawl may come to mind, much of the area is dominated by farmland, forests, mountains, and bodies of water.

Geography of New York

Dairying is the most important farming activity, with over 18,000 cattle farms, though other agricultural products include vegetables and apples. Other industries of note? Printing and publishing, machinery, and tourism (hello, New York City).

On average, the warmest month in New York is July, whereas the coldest is January, with cities like Binghamton and Rochester incurring typically cooler temps during the year than New York City (due to urbanization).