Summer Study Abroad in Sweden ProgramsSweden provides a wonderful backdrop for a summer study abroad program. Its expansive forests, majestic lakes, and fresh air invite students into outdoor exploration, and its quaint villages and cities give students great places to settle in. The country is chock full of splendid natural beauty and human-made wonders. Why not study abroad in Sweden for the summer for your dreams?

Why Choose a Summer Study Abroad in Sweden Program?

Indeed, spending a summer in Sweden could be your best idea yet. You can earn academic credit, enhance your resume, and enjoy what might feel like an extended vacation. You can visit places like the Fairytale Drottningholm Palace, the Vasa Museum, and the Djurgården Park, and you eat, play, and live with the locals. You can be a curious tourist and member of the Swedish community at once.

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Fun Fact: One favorite food in Sweden is salty licorice ice cream, or “salmiakki,” which is sometimes black in color.