Why Students Should Consider To Study Abroad Peru

Peru may not have the glamour of France, the perceived gravitas of Germany, or the exotic allure of China, but it is nonetheless one of the most fascinating, exciting, and important countries in the western world. From its surprisingly glorious history to its wildly rich present, Peru offers the kind of experiences and excitement that only a handful of countries throughout the world can. And because of this, it is one of the best places for potential students to consider spending their four years of college. Study abroad Peru programs offer students many opportunities to study a broad range of topics. 

Peru is Your Destination for Study Abroad

Located in the western part of South America, this country of nearly 28 million people is one of the single most fascinating and intriguing on the continent. Much of this, of course, is due to its history, which stretches back much further than most people realize. 'Archaeological evidence...[indicates] that hunters and gatherers inhabited Peru 20,000 years ago.' These cultures laid the foundations for one of the most influential civilizations to have inhabited the ancient world, the Incas, who 'dominated a territory that included from north to south Ecuador, part of Colombia, the northern half of Chile, and the north-east part of Argentina; and from west to east, from Bolivia to the Amazonian forests.

Natural Beauty and History of Peru

Today, many of the sites that remain from this incredibly advanced civilization are still relatively intact, and visitors and students can take advantage of this rich cultural heritage. Sites such as Machu Picchu, located deep in the Andes Mountains, are nothing short of extraordinary. This one includes 'temples, fields, terraces, and baths [that] appear to be part of the hillside itself...an imposing, elegant green paradise carved into its natural surroundings.' This complex was not discovered by western scientists and academics until 1911, but the amount of scholarship that has developed around it is simply astounding, and college students interested in the pre-Columbian history of the western world will have a difficult time finding a better, more rewarding place to visit and study abroad Peru.

The Spanish history of Peru is also on full display throughout the country. 'In 1532 the Spanish soldier and adventurer Francisco Pizarro landed in Peru with a force of about 180 men,' and within just a few short years, the Inca empire, which had been struggling under the weight of its own internal stresses, had lost out to the more militarily advanced Spanish. Spain, then, ruled Peru until the early 1820's, creating the fascinating culture visible today: Part Spanish in influence, part indigenous, and wholly original. So from a cultural-studies point-of-view, Peru is as rich a place as any in which to live and attend college.

This culture, in fact, is particularly hospitable to foreign students. 'Like its rich national history, the popular culture of contemporary Peru is the result of a fusion of cultures, constituted primarily from the cultural legacy of the indigenous groups, and Spanish and African colonists. This cultural mixture has been further enriched by the contributions of other immigrant groups, particularly Asians and non-Iberian Europeans.' Because of this, Peruvian culture is thoroughly modern in that it reflects the ever more common melding of culture in our shrinking 21st century world, and living and studying there will only help to make students more open and accepting of other cultures and peoples, a skill that is sure to be of ever-increasing use as the world grows smaller and flatter with every passing year.

Studying Language in Peru

The language, too, it goes without saying, is one of the most important in the world these days, and an ability to speak and read Spanish is a skill that is sure to benefit everyone. Immersion will facilitate an ease of communicating in this language that will make students who have studied in Peru that much more marketable and desirable in the job world than they otherwise would have been.

And because Lima, the capital of the country, is such a thriving cultural Mecca, it is chock full of colleges and universities. This also makes it a destination for students from all over South America who wish to seek out a fine higher education. As a result, attending college in Peru will be a uniquely international experience, as well.

Peru, then, while perhaps underappreciated, is one of the best places in the world in which to consider spending your college years. From its culture to its history to its exciting present, its wonders are seemingly unlimited. See for yourself when you choose to study abroad Peru. Peru's riches await.