Are you looking for a convenient opportunity to study abroad in Italy this summer, without spending months at a time in a study abroad program? If so, a Maymester study abroad program in Italy may be the perfect option or you. A Maymester intersession is a shortened semester, condensed into about three weeks or one month, offered during May. Completing a Maymester study abroad session in Italy would allow you to complete an undergrad course in an exciting new location, while still leaving you the rest of your summer free.

Why Consider a Maymester Study Abroad Program in Italy?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to continue your education while spending a month exploring Italy, a Maymester session might be for you. But why Italy? The cradle of the Renaissance, Italy is the home of numerous major historical, artistic, culinary, musical and scientific accomplishments throughout history. From its foundation as a series of city states to the Roman Empire to the Italy we know today, its vibrant history and culture makes Italy the perfect location or the curious student to explore.

Whether you’re interested in studying art, architecture, language, or history, Italy may be the place for you. Many ancient Roman ruins are still standing today, allowing you to place your artistic, architectural and historical learning in a real-world context. Italy also boasts a vibrant art scene today as it did throughout history, and regional gastronomy and culinary scenes that are known and influential throughout the world. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the worlds of Virgil and Dante or explore contemporary Italy, a Maymester session may be a great fit for you.