Study Abroad in Iceland ProgramsIceland, also referred to as the Republic of Iceland and known as the “home of the Vikings”, is a small yet beautiful country full of contrasting environments offering students at school in Iceland a variety of choices while studying in Iceland. Defined by dramatic visual landscapes checkered with volcanic geysers, hot springs, and glaciers, university in Iceland may be the perfect hands-on experience for students in a number of study programs to take advantage of its unique landscape and geographical features.

Why Study Abroad in Iceland

School in Iceland for many study abroad students, is a life-changing opportunity to pursue studies in Iceland while gaining some incredible first-hand education in a uniquely diverse environment. Offering a variety of programs for students interested in Iceland’s unique geography, an experience studying abroad in Iceland may be as rewarding for those studying photography in Iceland interested in capturing that perfect split-second geyser, as it is for those studying climate change or engineering abroad in a country run primarily on geothermal energy.