Study Abroad in Ecuador

Are you interested in study abroad programs in Ecuador? Do you want a study abroad experience rich with learning opportunities, biodiversity, and a vibrant local culture? Or are you interested in strengthening your Spanish skills? All of that and more may be waiting for you in Ecuador. Ecuador is home to a vibrant local culture with fascinating music, arts, history, and more, all in one of the most biodiverse locations in the world. No matter what you’re interested in studying, Study Abroad in Ecuador programs might be a great choice for your study abroad opportunity.

Why Consider Study Abroad Programs in Ecuador?

Ecuador boasts diverse learning opportunities for the interested student traveler. Whether you want to practice your Spanish skills in a fun and unique South American country, immerse yourself in local music and art traditions, or take advantage of a unique opportunity to put your history classes in real-world context, Ecuador may have something for you.

Explore Megadiversity and the Outdoors in Ecuador

If you are looking for an opportunity to take your studies of biology, ecology, environmental science, or conservation outside of the classroom, Ecuador might be the place for you. Named for its equatorial location in the northernmost part of South America, Ecuador boasts a diverse natural landscape ranging from the Andes to the rainforest and the Galapagos Islands, locally referred to as the Archipiélago de Colón. Ecuador’s diverse landscape, flora and fauna are such that the country as a whole is considered “megadiverse” by Conservation International. As such, Ecuador may be the ideal study abroad location for anyone interested in learning more about nature, biology, environmentalism and conservation.

Experience Ecuador History and Culture

Are you looking for a study abroad opportunity where you can put history into real-world perspective? How about immersing yourself in an exciting, diverse culture? Ecuador might be a great option for anyone interested in learning more about history, anthropology, archeology, and more.

Prior to its colonization by the Spanish Empire, Ecuador was already home to members of the Incan civilization, an empire which encompassed not only Ecuador but also extended into modern-day Bolivia, Peru, and Chile. In addition to the historical, architectural and anthropological artifacts from this long history, Incan culture still has echoes in modern Ecuadorian culture today, especially in local languages like Quichua, and various cultural traditions and styles of dress.

With the arrival of Francisco Pizarro and thus the Spanish Empire, traditions and cultures from farther afield like Spain and Africa were introduced to the mix. Today, these influences can still be seen not only by the region’s history or the dominance of the Spanish language, but also in religion, which is predominantly Roman Catholic, and music, which is influenced in many ways by imported African traditions.

All of this means that Ecuador might be a great opportunity to experience a melting pot of fascinating history and diverse cultural traditions, allowing you not only to learn about history in the places it happened, but also to see how that history still affects Ecuadorian culture today.

Immerse Yourself in the Arts in Ecuador

Whether you are a student of visual art, music, literature, or even the culinary arts, Ecuador might be a great place for you to study and pursue your passion. Ecuador’s vibrant and diverse culture boasts a number of regionally unique artistic traditions, including both fine art and local crafts. The Tigua people are especially known for their use of bright color and pastoral landscapes, as well as crafting things like masks and drums. Ecuador also boasts a broad array of more conventional master painters, frequently focusing on landscapes, topics and symbols with significance in Ecuadorian history and culture.

Ecuador may  also be a great choice for the student of Latin American literature, with a number of famous writers and novelists, writing in genres ranging from realism to romanticism to the magical realism that the broader Latin American literary tradition is known for.

Ecuador might also be a great location for the student musician. With its various colorful regional cultural traditions, the music if Ecuador is as exciting and diverse as its people. From indigenous traditions like Pasillo to the Afro-influenced Bomba, Ecuador’s rich musical heritage has a lot to offer not only the formal student of music but also anyone interested in experiencing that aspect of Ecuadorian culture outside of the classroom.

Learn Spanish Abroad in Ecuador

Ecuador could also a great place to study if you’re interested in learning a new language or strengthening your fluency. Whether you’re a Spanish beginner, or a more advanced student looking for the opportunity to practice your skills in an immersive environment, Ecuador could be a great place to practice your South American Spanish skills. You might also have the opportunity to learn about Quichua, an indigenous language with roots well into Ecuador’s history, still practiced today among descendants and members of various indigenous Ecuadorian cultures.

Find Great Study Abroad in Ecuador Programs

Whether you want to spend a semester, the summer, maymester, or a full year abroad, a ton of great study abroad in Ecuador programs are listed here for you to consider. Whether you want to study at sea, practice your Spanish, or put your science, environmental, and conservation studies into practice in one of the most diverse ecosystems, Ecuador may be a great place to enrich your studies and travels.