High School Abroad in Ireland | High School Study Abroad Programs in IrelandIf you want to enjoy the Emerald Isle, high school study abroad programs in Ireland might be a great place to start. Imagine packing your bags and saying goodbye to the familiar. Picture setting foot into vibrant green countryside, fascinating cities, and new friendships with local people. Consider how amazing it would be to eat Irish food, see Ireland’s sites, and immerse yourself in another culture. You’d likely emerge from your experience a new person with a global perspective and fantastic adventure under your belt. Why not explore high school study abroad programs in Ireland? A wonderful adventure awaits.  

High School Study Abroad Programs in Ireland: A Journey to New Lands

High school study abroad programs in Ireland could present a fantastic opportunity to earn potential academic credit while embarking on a journey. Your trip, whether to Dublin, Cork, Galway, or another great city, may enable you to study subjects across disciplines and apply what you learn to your experiences in the country.

  • History students, for example, might study dates and events in the classroom but visit places such as the Rock of Cashel, Giant’s Causeway, Glendalough Monastery, and Londonderry to taste history up close and personally.
  • Art and theater students might study art history and design or theater concepts and applications in the classroom but witness Ireland’s love for the creative and skillful at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the Berkeley Costume and Toy Museum, the Abbey Theatre, and other museums, galleries, and theaters.
  • Literature students might take pen to paper or finger to key in the classroom but peruse cozy libraries, book stores, and literary centres throughout Ireland. They might even partake in one of Ireland’s literary festivals or spend time at the Yeats Society or James Joyce Centre to immerse themselves in Ireland’s literary scene.
  • Business students might learn about management, finance, marketing, and other business areas in the classroom and consider their knowledge as they observe tourism, service, agriculture, and others of Ireland’s business sectors in action.

These are just some of the many examples of how your studies might merge with your exploration as you study abroad in Ireland. This more three-dimensional style of learning could enhance your knowledge and make school more fun! Not to mention that it’s pretty cool to see world-famous sites such as Blarney Castle, the Cliffs of Moher, and Dun Aengus in person and while you’re “going to school.” You could become well-educated, well-traveled, and well-cultured, all through high school study abroad programs in Ireland.

High School Study Abroad Programs in Ireland: the Essentials

High school study abroad programs typically have numerous parts and pieces. They obviously invite you to study a particular subject—perhaps biology, fine art, business, or technology, for example—and some of them may also include leadership, volunteer, or internship programs and opportunities. Additionally, some might include language studies (through which you can study English, for example, if English is not your first language) or opportunities to explore Ireland as part of a group. Also keep in mind that many, if not most, programs in Ireland will be taught in the English language. (However, you may hear some Irish or Ulster Scots as you’re exploring the country!) Browse through a variety of programs and contact them directly to determine what types of options are available.  

Otherwise, there are a few primary decisions you have to make when you’re considering high school study abroad programs in Ireland:

  1. How long do you want to study abroad? Programs may be available for the summer, spring semester, winter semester, or even full school year. Some programs may have options to study abroad for a spring break, “MayMester,” or other less traditional durations. You’ll see on our menu that you can browse programs by “Select a Term.” Use this feature to find programs of a particular duration.
  2. What do you want to study abroad? Study abroad programs may work with Ireland high schools and other organizations to provide an array of disciplines to study. To determine what to study, think about what you’re interested and what you need to study to meet your academic requirements. Talk to a counselor at your school to determine what program might be best. You’ll see on our menu that you can browse programs by “Select a Specialty.” Use this feature if you have a sense of what you want to study or to see what types of subjects are available to study in Ireland.
  3. Where do you want to study? Do you want to study in a well-travelled city such as Cork, Dublin, or Galway? Or do you want to take the road less traveled and explore a city such as Dingle or Maynooth? You can browse programs by location using our “Select a City” feature.

How Do I Find High School Study Abroad Programs in Ireland?

Now that you have a sense of how to search by program duration, specialty, and location, all you have to do is take action! If you already know what you want, use our filters and get started! If you need to consider a bit, well, you too can use our filters to get started! You need not know precisely what you want to study, for how long, or where to use our site. Simply explore what’s available until you find something great!

As you’re browsing through your options, click on programs to learn more about them. When you find one you like, contact it directly for more information and to register. Also, check out options for paying for study abroad programs.

We wish you the luck o’ the Irish in finding your perfect program! We’re guessing a wonderful high school in Ireland awaits.