Graduate Study Abroad Programs in Ireland | Graduate Programs in IrelandGraduate study abroad programs in Ireland may not only help you pursue your degree, but also embark on an amazing adventure!

Will they submerse you in the Irish classroom and have you bury your nose in books? Most likely. Will they require you to write papers, take exams, and otherwise engage as students? Almost certainly! But they may also invite you to experience your studies and the world in a completely new way. They may enhance your experience as a graduate student and add an interesting dimension to your studies. They may invite you into what might be a mind and life-expanding opportunity.

After all, graduate study abroad programs in Ireland invite you to explore and engage in Irish culture. They may allow you to drive through vibrant green countryside and walk through dynamic European cities. They might place you in the heart of breathtaking places such as Dunluce Castle, Skellig Michael, Giant’s Causeway, and Knowth. They may invite you to enjoy Irish pubs, festivals, and traditional events. Or they might allow you to explore world-famous museums, centuries-old buildings, proud historical monuments, and traditional Irish art and music. Your academic journey in Ireland could indeed be an adventurous and fulfilling one! 

Graduate Study Abroad Programs in Ireland: Classrooms and the Real World  

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of graduate-level study could be the opportunity to specialize one’s knowledge. Even better than that, however, may be specializing one’s knowledge while potentially enjoying a life-enhancing adventure. When you participate in graduate study abroad programs in Ireland, you’ll likely get to study key theories, concepts, and applications in your discipline and apply them to real-world contexts. You’ll also likely explore your discipline up close and personal. Best of all, you’ll get to do so in beautiful Ireland!  

For example, as a graduate student studying theater, you might visit the famous Abbey Theater or engage in theatrics in smaller venues such as the Lime Tree Theatre or the Impact Theatre Company. Not to mention that much of what might surround you in Ireland—its vibrant literary scene, its clear devotion to the arts, and its traditional dedication to song and dance—could inspire your theatric muse.  

As an architecture student, you could visit any one city or multiple ones to see a variety of styles and eras of architecture. Witnessing Villa, Georgian, Ecclesiastical, Victorian, and Edwardian architecture via castles, abbeys, fortresses and other buildings and bridges may help you develop a deeper appreciation for architecture and design. It could also enable you to witness textbook cases in person and see, touch, and sense their majesty.  

Agriculture students might visit cities and villages across Ireland where agriculture was or continues to be a primary sector of the economy. You could witness how agriculture impacts and supports communities even as you’re exploring and enjoying them.

As someone studying public administration or political science, you could study the Republic of Ireland and its Prime Ministry and the Oireachtas, or the legislature of Ireland. You may learn about the Irish presidency and how it exists separate from government (and indeed is not a part of it at all!). You could learn about civil and public service occurs in Ireland and how it compares and contrasts to your home country. This opportunity for comparative study may help you better understand your discipline.

These are just some examples of how studying in and out of the classroom in Ireland could make for a great graduate school experience. Keep in mind that some programs might actually include excursions to famous sites in their curricula. Read program listings and contact the programs directly for details.

Graduate Study Abroad Programs in Ireland: the Basics

Graduate study abroad programs in Ireland exist in many cities and areas of study. Cities such as Cork, Dublin, and Galway are popular choices, but less-traveled cities such as Maynooth and Tralee may present intriguing options too. Areas of specialty, meanwhile, span disciplines. You could study anything from accounting to creative writing to political science in Ireland. To get a sense of what you can study in which cities, use our search tool to refine your search.

You can also search by program duration. Perhaps you want to spend one semester, one summer, or one year studying abroad in Ireland. Or maybe you need a more flexible or non-traditional schedule. Use the menu bar to browse programs by term and discover what’s available.

While you’re engaging in graduate study abroad programs in Ireland, you’ll likely find you have plenty of resources. Your classes will most likely be taught in English (a boon for native English speakers and students who want to practice their English), and Ireland colleges and universities are typically well-developed and supplied. You might also enjoy Ireland’s general array of beloved libraries, research centers, business centers, and creative centers. Depending on where you’re studying, any of them may enhance your studies and help you immerse yourself in Irish culture.  

So You Want to Explore Graduate Study Abroad Programs in Ireland. What’s Next?

As you likely know, many graduate programs are just one to two years. This may mean that if you want to study abroad in Ireland, now is the time to take action. You don’t want to let this experience pass you by.  

Browse through the programs on this site either by visiting our sponsored listings below or using our search tool to explore additional options. Click on programs that catch your interest. You’ll find program information on each program’s landing page. You’ll also be able to contact the program directly or request additional information through When you find your perfect program, talk to an academic counselor at your school to ensure that the program’s credits will transfer.  

Once you’ve signed up, conduct research about sites to see in Ireland, pack your bags, and head to the Emerald Isle for what could be the experience of a lifetime!

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