Full Degree Abroad in Rome programs brings you into the cosmopolitan capital of Italy, a city whose history spans more than two and a half thousand years. As a global city, Rome is the 3rd most visited city in the European Union- not surprising considering its historical center is a World Heritage site[i]. If you are thinking about studying abroad, for all it has to offer in terms of cityscape and culture, a Full Degree Abroad in Rome warrants consideration.

Why Consider a Full Degree Abroad in Rome?

A Full Degree Abroad in Rome may be more than a memorable personal experience –navigating a new country, developing new friendships and familiarizing yourself with a new language is bound to bring growth. Academically, being face-to-face with Renaissance architecture, villas, fountains, and art everywhere is likely to be inspirational no matter what your major. Professionally, you are building a global resume and portfolio; to the extent that any future education or career path will have as its reference point that you are an international student. The combination of personal, educational and professional aspects may just contribute to a well-rounded and mature, potentially sought-after graduate.

FUN FACT: How do you say “graduation” in Italian? Say ‘la laurea.’ (web)[ii]

Learn the Language

Whether you are looking for a 4-year college abroad or a 2-year grad school abroad (length may vary), a Full Degree Abroad in Rome gives you the time to learn some Latin or Italian, even though you may be earning a degree in another field.

What is Your Major

As a cultural center, Rome is known for its art and architecture. You can’t go far without seeing remnants of history – from the famous Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine, to the Trevi Fountain, to its ancient monuments, obelisks and columns. But Rome is more than a feast for the senses for the art history or design student. In fact[iii]:

  • Rome is the hub of the Italian film industry
  • Rome’s economy is dominated by services (e.g. High-tech, aerospace, banking, tourism)
  • Rome is a nationwide and major international center for higher education
  • Rome is an important center for music
  • Rome is recognized as a fashion capital
  • Rome is a major gastronomical center

In other words, as a backdrop for business administration and management, marketing or other fields of study, Rome could be more than an enriching setting.

Over and Above

Whether you are looking for graduate school abroad or college abroad, it is not uncommon that in many programs there is more than just in-class coursework. Often earning your degree abroad means fieldtrips, guest lectures, research and internships. Imagine how remarkable to have Rome as a living reference book where you potentially get face-to-face time with the vibrant culture.

Leisure Time

Definitely, you want to choose a city where you can also enjoy time off from academics. One of the great things is that unlike a tourist who has a limited amount of time, you get to soak and settle in to life in Rome. Some days you may just feel like trying a new restaurant for a plate of ‘spaghetti alla carbonara’, other times you may explore places like Vatican City, or just hang out near the Roman steps. Certainly lots to explore!

Find a Full Degree Abroad in Rome   

Many schools offer Full Degree Abroad in Rome programs, so it is a question of choosing a program that has the academic excellence, teacher student ratio, and faculty that meets your needs. You may also want to look into a school’s accreditation and whether the campus is going to be a good fit. You can also check whether a University encourages participation and offers events and student activities such as side trips, fitness, Italian language tutoring or anything else you are looking for from undergraduate or graduate years at college. Ready to search? Browse our sponsored listings below to land on the right Full Year Abroad in Rome for you!

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