Earn a Degree in Costa Rica

Tropical views and challenging academics might be closer than you think, especially when you earn a degree in Costa Rica. By earning you entire degree abroad, you may never have to worry about messily transferring credits or missing out on vital classes for your concentration. Instead, you could dive into the international experience wholeheartedly and gain a unique perspective that universities in your home country may not offer. Whether you enjoy studying languages, conservation, or many other concentrations, Costa Rica may provide the studious atmosphere you’ve been looking for. If by studious atmosphere you mean white sand beaches, biologically diverse rainforests, and delicious authentic food. It may be time to say “adios” to your home country and “Yo no hablo español todavía” to San Jose to earn a Degree in Costa Rica!

Of course, studying Spanish while attending universities in San Jose Costa Rica might help you with that second bit!

Why Should You Earn a Degree in Costa Rica?

You may be asking yourself “why earn a degree in Costa RIca?” You’re right to ask – with so many universities scattered around the globe it’s important to know why a destination may be crucial to your academic studies. Besides Costa Rica’s tropical views (which are gorgeous) and mild climate (which is great), the country has a lot to provide in terms of unique scholastic opportunities.

For example, students who wish to earn a degree in environmental conservation might find Costa Rica has plenty to offer due to its naturally diverse biology. Not only may there be plenty of real world conservation efforts for you to study and observe, you might even have the chance to see how effective they were before your program ends. And since you’re staying in the country for your entire degree program, there may even be opportunities to assist your professors with their conservation research or through internships. Of course, this is just one example. Unique potential benefits could be found for a wide range of subjects, like studying history by visiting ancient, historic sites, or learning about politics while living in the nation’s capital. Explore what other subjects might be available in the listings below.

The potential benefits of studying in San Jose, Costa Rica, don’t end there! Another thing that’s great about earning your full degree in San Jose, as opposed to a typical study abroad program, is that you may not have to deal with converting your courses into applicable credits back home. When studying abroad normally, some classes you take may not meet your home university’s criteria. It could be aggravating to take unnecessary classes when you’re on a tight academic timeline. But by earning your full degree in one place, you may never have to worry about transferring credits, because you’ll be working towards that university’s own degree!

Want to know a potential secret benefit to studying in San Jose Costa Rica? Even if you aren’t taking Spanish classes, you might end up picking up some Spanish! How can you argue for a free course? Even though you might not be receiving formal instruction (though that is a popular option!) you could pick up anything from phrases to conversational Spanish just from hearing it spoken every day. Just get used to saying “Come se dice…?” when you’re out traveling.

Speaking of traveling, keep reading below for some recommendations on what to outside of colleges in San Jose Costa Rica.

Exploring Costa Rica While Earning a Degree in San Jose

San Jose is packed with day trips for the inquisitive student to enjoy. First, you haven’t been to San Jose until you’ve walked down Central Avenue. The Avenida Central goes directly through downtown San Jose. It’s hard to be bored here because there’s so much to do. On your first stroll, consider stopping by local restaurants – or just people watching. There’s plenty of street performers to keep you occupied while you sip some rich Costa Rican coffee.

Once you’ve experienced everything that’s going on outside, it’s time to get off the street and into the buildings. Lucky for you, many of San Jose’s museums are situated right on the Central Avenue. Stop in the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum for a look at decadent Costa Rican artifacts (they’re gold, if you haven’t guessed!). Or, walk into the National Museum of Costa Rica to tour exhibits highlighting specific moments throughout Costa Rica’s history.

And if you ever tire of the urban metropolis that is San Jose (and you might not!) you could always escape outside the city limits and partake in some of Costa Rica’s rampant ecotourism. The country’s tropic rainforests and beaches make for a perfect place for students to get out and explore! Consider hiking up the side of an active volcano in Poas Volcano National Park. From the look-out tower, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of the slowly moving lava. Don’t forget to bring the marshmallows!

For students who are looking for a cooler expedition (literally), you could always head to the coast and soak up some sun on the beaches of Mal País or Santa Teresa. And when you’re not working on your tan, you could grab a surfboard and hang-ten in this typically hidden spot. Of course, the clear, blue water does make for some post-card worthy pictures, too!

These are only a few things you could do while you earn a degree in Costa Rica. Be sure to check with your intended university to see if they offer any additional planned excursions or spring break opportunities!

Get Ready to Earn a Degree in San Jose

Earning your degree in San Jose might not only be a great way to pursue your personal academic goals, but gain an international perspective you might not have in your home country. And have a whole lot of fun while you’re at it. To view a list of potential programs, continue to scroll further down this page. For a brief description and more information about any program, click its associated link. Just think, you could soon be enjoying the warm sun when you earn a degree in Costa Rica!