If you are looking for an unforgettable educational experience in a beautiful setting finding a Study Abroad Program in Puerto Rico Program is your best bet! Studying abroad in Puerto Rico offers a once in a lifetime cultural experience while earning credits towards a degree. But before you book your trip, here are some experiential aspects you will enjoy if you decide to study abroad in Puerto Rico.

Why Consider Studying Abroad in Puerto Rico?

Studying Abroad in Puerto Rico may not only enhance your educational experience but it may also be a part of a personal journey that may shape how you view the world. If you are still unsure, here are some details that may assure you that a study abroad in Puerto Rico program is the perfect choice for you.

  1. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico) is a territory of the United States. What it means for American students is that although you have the experience of studying abroad, you will not need a passport to travel there[i]!
  2. Puerto Rico is a place where two political and cultural worlds collide. While Puerto Rico is self-governing, the people of the Commonwealth have representation in the United States’ House and Senate as well as an elected Governor[ii].
  3. If you desire to enroll in an intensive immersion studies program in Puerto Rico focusing on a local dialect then this is a unique opportunity that you just won’t want to miss out on.

Did You Know? Academy Award winning actor Benicio Del Toro was born and raised in Puerto Rico’s capital of San Juan.

Things to Do While Enrolled in a Study Abroad in Puerto Rico Program

Study Abroad in Puerto Rico!

Immerse Yourself in Puerto Rican Culture

Spanish is one of the primary languages of Puerto Rico. If you are searching for a place to flex your language skills and gain conversational experience, studying abroad in Puerto Rico is a great choice.

Experience A Rich History

Before Puerto Rico was discovered by Christopher Columbus, the island had been inhabited by the Taíno tribe. The culture and folklore of the Spaniards, Taíno and the slaves that were brought there by the Spaniards have incorporated together over the many centuries to create a unique culture unto only Puerto Rico. Today the commonwealth has many museums and historical sites to study and enjoy[iii]. For those seeking an education in history studying abroad in Puerto Rico might be the perfect program to pursue.

Enjoy Good Eats

Puerto Rican cuisine is a distinctive mix of the native, Spanish and African influences that is known by the locals as cocina criolla[iv]. You’ve probably never had chicken and rice quite like Puerto Rico’s popular Arroz Con Pollo dish or experienced an eggnog-with-a-twist drink quite like the Coquito. Those who desire an education in the culinary arts might learn a thing or two about fusion cookery.

Enjoy the Beach

Puerto Rico is made up of four islands so much of the culture revolves around the beach, the tropical climate and outdoor activities. Because of their unique topography, Puerto Rico might be a perfect choice for a student pursing a degree in hospitality, environmental science or even sports medicine.

Experience Artistry in All Forms

Because of the mix of cultures within Puerto Rico, there is a strong and unique creative presence that is characteristic to them. The commonwealth’s capital of San Juan has over a dozen museums full of work from many Latin American artists[v]. Locals create carved figurines of revered religious figures in many different mediums which is a blend of Taíno and European art. A student earning credits for a degree in art or art history might learn quite a bit from the past and present artisans of Puerto Rico.

Take the Next Step Towards your Study Abroad in Puerto Rico Experience!

Studying abroad is not a one size fits all program. In fact there are many options to choose from. Whether you are pursuing immersion language courses, a summer abroad or specific courses that may get you closer towards earning your Bachelor or Master’s degree, discovering the perfect program to choose so that you might study abroad in Puerto Rico is just a click away on StudyAbroad.com!

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