Whether you are traveling, studying or working abroad, one thing can be said for them all: it is incredibly exciting. Experiencing a new culture, learning a language, meeting people from every corner of the globe, eating delicious food, it is all exhilarating.

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This article is about the transition students take when returning home after studying abroad over a period of time.

Did you fall in love with travel during an undergrad study abroad program, or is it something you’d wish you’d done? Wondering what option is right for you, right now? Read on for a variety of any-time-of-your-life travel opportunities.

This article is great for students who have recently come home from their study abroad trip. The article provides examples on how individuals can document their trip abroad in fun easy ways!

Learn about what the graduate school application committee may be looking for and how to use your study abroad experience in your grad school application and interview.

Learn the best ways to showcase a study abroad experience on your graduate school application.

Looking for an opportunity to teach English abroad? Here are 10 reason's why teaching English abroad in the next step!

When you decided to study abroad, you may not have considered the career impact of your international experience. However, why not take advantage of what may be a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to gain extensive international experience and develop skills which employers may find valuable when they look for new employees!

Whether or not you planned it, studying abroad may have made you more marketable to future employers. The skills and knowledge you learned while abroad may be easily transferrable into the working world. But it is up to you to demonstrate the link between your study abroad experience and the specific skills valued by the company or organization that you want to work for.