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Spain is consistently one of the most popular destinations to study abroad and a land steeped in romance. In all the world, there are precious few countries whose very name conjures up such images of lust, romance,history, fabulous food, and adventure.

Hats that are one size fits all can often tighten around the top of a dome or fall over a whole head.  But when it comes to international education, study abroad in Italy just may be the perfect fit.

Throughout the ages, few countries have captivated the imagination as widely and as thoroughly as France. With so much to offer - culture, politics, food, wine, history-  France is sure to provide an unparalleled experience for any and all students who choose to study there.

Germany's landscape appeals to students everywhere. For those looking to go beyond the borders of their own countries, Germany is one with much to offer.

Ghana, the West African country roughly the size of Oregon, is a unique and exciting study abroad destination. Students have the opportunity to learn, volunteer, or teach among a diverse mix of ethnic and religious groups.

Studying abroad in China will engage all of your senses and maybe even get you to eat bugs! But more importantly, you'll discover and connect with a culture that will challenge you as much as it pleases.

Students who study abroad in Argentina not only get an excellent education, but they also have an enormous amount of fun living among the kind, enthusiastic natives. The blend of Latin and European influences keep international students coming to Argentina in large numbers each year.

When you study abroad in Greece, you'll need to keep a "slow and steady" pace to take it all in. In fact, you're likely to be stopped dead in your tracks by some of the ancient sights that make Greece so famous.