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You’re likely drawn to study abroad for good reason. There’s nothing quite like expanding your mind, exciting your heart, and feeding your soul while pursuing academic credit and adding a life-enhancing experience to your list of accomplishments. Study abroad in Granada, Spain offers a unique and potentially satisfying opportunity.  

Since you want to study abroad, Granada, Spain might provide an excellent backdrop. The city brims with gorgeous sights, celebratory culture, and peaceful but exuberate spirit. As you explore and enjoy Granada’s unique personality, you may also be able to earn academic credit, practice your language skills, and engage in the adventure of a lifetime. To learn about studying abroad in Granada, read on. 

What Is It Like to Live and Study in Granada, Spain?

It’s different for everyone, of course, and that’s part of the beauty of studying abroad. While there may be some famous sights that you see and traditional things you experience, your adventure is ultimately of your design. Everything, from who you meet to how you get to school to what you do in your spare time, will make your journey unique. However, we can give you a sense of what you might find in Granada.

First, we want to give you a sense of where on the map you’ll be. Granada is located in southern Spain, just across the Mediterranean Sea from Morocco, Africa. It’s part of the autonomous community Andalusia and located at the foot of the Sierra Mountains and the conjunction of four rivers. It’s about one hour’s drive from the Mediterranean coast.

Now we want to give you a sense of Granada’s fascinating culture. Granada’s roots stem from Latin and Roman influences that eventually gave way to Arab and Moorish ones. As a result, Granada’s unique culture boasts both Spanish and Islamic expressions today. As you walk through the streets of Granada, you’ll notice castles, palaces, cathedrals, churches, mosques, sculptures, and other works of architecture and arts that tell the city’s dynamic history. Much of the design work in Granada is unique to the city and will likely entice you to take out your camera or sit and stare in wonder. Be sure to spend at least several days simply wandering around. Your journey may provide a feast for the eyes and imagination.

Granada’s present-day is equally enticing. The city loves its public spaces, and they demonstrate their devotion through well-maintained and beautiful parks, gardens, and public squares. You’ll find these places tucked between modern buildings and historic ones and decorated, at times, with bright flowers, lush plants, and public art such as sculptures and fountains. Countless restaurants, shops, and other modern amenities also decorate this multi-faceted city.

Here are some places and things you may want to see and do while you study abroad in Granada, Spain:

  • Visit the Alhambra. Leave extensive time for this. One of Spain’s most beloved sights, the Alhambra is a complex of palaces, fortresses, and patios that date back to Moorish times. Surrounded by trees, set in front of the Sierra Mountains, and glowing red in certain lights, the Alhambra is a magical and spell-bounding sight. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t miss it!
  • Wander through Albaicín, Granada’s historic Arab quarter. Here you can walk along narrow streets and walkways amongst Moorish-style white-washed buildings and houses. You may witness the old town’s preserved stretch of protective walls, and you might search out some of the area’s historic churches and mosques. Also consider visiting an Arab bath for a unique experience.
  • Try an Arab bath. Perhaps this deserves more attention than a casual mention. One popular Arab both house is the Baños Ărabes Al Andalus. Arab baths submerse you in a series of warm, hot, and freezing baths that may stimulate your physical system. One of the main joys of an Arab bath is witnessing stunning Moorish architecture (picture intricate arches, colorful mosaics, and beautiful detailing) and tasting Moorish culture and history more directly.  
  • Partake in everything you possibly can. Seriously. Eat new foods (try tapas, small plates of food, to sample dishes), watch Flamenco, read Catalan and Spanish newspapers, frequent local shops, visit street fairs, sit in churches, and try anything that seems new and intriguing. Virtually every part of Granada offers something that might broaden your experience and delight your senses.

Hopefully this gives you a sense of what it might be like to live and study in Granada.

What Can I Study in a Granada Study Abroad Program?

Besides studying the art of having fun, there are lots of subjects to study while you’re living in Granada. Whether you’re a high school student, undergraduate student, graduate student, or gap-year student, Granada study abroad programs likely have options for you. They exist across disciplines and, in some cases, offer opportunities to study language or stay with a host family. Options like these and others may help you customize your experience and fulfill your personal, academic, and professional needs. 

You can explore your Study Abroad in Granada options through our site and browse by program level (high school, or above), duration (weeks, months, or even a year), and specialty (including everything from accounting and anthropology to biology and ecology to literature and psychology). Each program in these areas is unique and may offer structured opportunities for cultural exchange, social expedition, and more.

Study Abroad in Granada​​: What’s Next?

If you’re hungry to study abroad, Granada might be the place to eat. Its enticing culture, stunning sites, and gorgeous location just might make your study abroad experience. To begin your adventure, view your study abroad options on this page or use our search tool to refine your search. When you find a program you like, click on the link, contact the program, and jump right in! Good luck!