Beijing provides an ideal location for a vibrant study abroad experience because the city itself is bursting with energy. As the predicted center of the 21st century's largest economy, Beijing is prepared to take on the world as the city pursues its rapid modernization. The scale of the building going on in and around Beijing is staggering as the new structures continue to get bigger, nicer, and more modern as most of the dilapidated buildings of the past are wiped away.

At the same time, Beijing remains heavily tied to its past. The mythic resonances of some of the city's most historic landmarks continue to enchant tourists, students, and residents alike. The city works hard to preserve these landmarks, and in Beijing's center near the Forbidden City, buildings must remain below a certain height to avoid destroying the setting of this ancient wonder.

The Forbidden City remains a stunning history lesson on the era of China's emperors and the opulent surroundings they favored including the gorgeous palaces, lush gardens, stunning courtyards, and charming pavilions. Much of the Forbidden City has been gradually renovated due to its destruction by a variety of forces including everything from looters to fire. Despite the renovations, the Forbidden City maintains the mystical quality of an ancient site and allows visitors to step into a living, breathing picture of one of the world's most fascinating periods of history.

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