A Study Abroad in Beijing, China places you in the capital of the People’s Republic of China, a city formerly known as Peking. While quite modernized, Beijing has a history that dates back 3000 years, and is a dynamic center for art, architecture and culture. If studying in China is on your list of options, why not earn valuable undergraduate academic credit as you get to know one of the world’s most populated cities!

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Beijing, China?

Whether you are looking for a Chinese language immersion or to take courses in English in another subject, choosing an undergraduate Study Abroad in Beijing is likely to be memorable on different levels. Living in Beijing, even for a semester, part of your daily commute to class might involve seeing some of the opulent palaces, pagodas, temples, iconic landmarks, tombs and gardens. Pretty cool, whether you are on foot, on a bicycle or local subway. What else makes Beijing a unique setting for international study? Sometimes it is the sights, sounds, snacks or new friends you meet that help you understand the culture you are visiting and learning about.

Study Chinese in Beijing China!

If you are hoping for an authentic Chinese immersion program, Beijing is actually a great place since the pronunciation is the standard spoken language in Mainland China.[i]

Snack Food

One of the major streets in Beijing is Wangfujing, which is also known as snack street, a densely packed setting filled with food stalls and restaurants selling street food and unique snacks. Try candied fruits on a stick or chuanr (meat on a skewer). Or keep walking, at night Donghuamen street has a night market![ii] You may also have to try Peking duck!

FUN FACT: To sat “delicious” in Mandarin, say ‘hen-hao-chi’ which means “very good eat” (web)[iii]

Getting Around

As a student in a foreign country, you definitely want to know how people get around. Apart from great rail and roads, you can take the bus, a taxi or the subway. Maybe a little crowded but what an experience. Or go green – walk or join the large number of people using electric bicycles and electric scooters[iv].

Seeing and Doing in Beijing

Many study abroad programs in Beijing have pre-scheduled excursions, since often these fieldtrips complement an undergraduate curriculum. Where could you go? Perhaps places such as:

  • The Temple of Heaven (a UNESCO world Heritage site)
  • The Pagoda of Tianning Temple (built during the Liao Dynasty)
  • The Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty
  • National Museum of China
  • Tiananmen Square (one of the world’s largest and most significant city squares)
  • The Great Wall of China (portions near Beijing are well preserved)

The Forbidden City

Reading about and actually standing in or near famous historical sites can be life-changing.The Forbidden City is an enormous palace in the heart of Beijing. Inside, you can check out the imperial collections of Chinese art in the Palace Museum. Outside, feast your eyes on the Great Hall of the People.

Fortune 500

If you take finance and business seriously, studying abroad in Beijing should be really interesting. In 2013, Beijing had more Fortune Global 500 Company headquarters than any other city in the world[v]. Probably a good place for an intern abroad experience too.


If you are at all an architecture buff, there are several styles to take in from the traditional, Imperial to the neofuturistic and the urban communities with their shared courtyards, alleys and influences of good Feng Shui.[vi]

Religious Studies Anyone?

A Study Abroad in Beijing is a great place to learn about major world religions, since there are influences from Chinese folk religion, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam and Christianity. You don’t have to be a temple-goer to appreciate the various temples and spiritual sites.

Find A Study Abroad Program in Beijing, China

 Finding the right Study Abroad in Beijing may take some research until you find a program that aligns with your goals and interests. Start browsing the sponsored listings, and keep in mind you can refine your search by when you want to go or what you want to study. You may want to read peer reviews and for certain, contact the providers for more details so you can make an informed choice.

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