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  • CEA Study Abroad's Blog

    5 Ways that Studying Abroad Gives You a Professional Edge

    “Studying abroad has incredible benefits for your future.” Most college students hear this at one point or another during their time at college. But what exactly are the professional benefits of studying abroad? After spending a study abroad semester in Galway, Ireland, I soon realized that...
  • CEA Study Abroad's Blog

    3 Steps for Carry-On Packing Like a Pro

    You’ve chosen your study abroad destination , gotten accepted into your dream program, filled out the forms, dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s… way to go! Now you get to figure out what to take in your carry-on. After all, you’ve got a limited amount of real estate to...
  • Study Abroad News and More!

    Protect Your Passport!

    I wasn’t wise enough to take advantage of the unique opportunity that studying abroad offers. However, my desire to travel abroad was resolute and upon graduating from Florida State University this past May, a friend and I took some time to travel across the pond and backpack around Europe. We...
  • Leica’s Study Abroad in Australia Blog

    My First Footy Game in Australia

    Since I participated in the Melbourne Welcome Program, they gave us each a ticket to go watch the Australian Football League (AFL) game. Footy is such a different sport because it is very similar to American football but very different. For example, in AFL, the players are allowed to kick, bounce, and...
  • Leica’s Study Abroad in Australia Blog

    Australian Adventures Girls Vs. Boys

    The kids at Newman decided to have separate pub crawls for the girls and guys. The girls were supposed to wear blue, but I'm not sure if the guys had a particular color they were supposed to wear. They started drinking around 3:30, but I started a couple of hours later than everyone because I had...
  • Juan's Study Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico Blog

    La despedida de Oaxaca

    Después de cuatro semanas en Oaxaca, mi tiempo se acabó y era hora de regresar, pero el viernes el primero de agosto, disfruté mi último día en Oaxaca. Por ser último día de clases, muchas de las clases hicieron presentaciones de todo tipo. Por ejemplo...
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