Are you studying athletic training, and interested in studying abroad? Study athletic training abroad and it may allow you to take advantage of that opportunity while still supporting your training and major area course requirements. That means you may be able to explore a new, exciting city abroad, immerse yourself in a new culture, and still gain valuable experience to support your athletic training studies. Whether you want a semester or summer abroad, a full undergraduate program, an internship program, or something else, options are available for you to consider in variety of exciting locations.

Why Study Athletic Training Abroad?

Whether you need a study abroad program that will fit neatly into your existing athletic training degree program, or whether you’re looking for a study abroad program that will unite your passion for sports with your interest in learning about new cultures and places, studying athletic training abroad may be a great fit for you. Study abroad programs in athletic training may help prepare you to work with athletes of all different cultural backgrounds, help you to strengthen your foreign language skills, and even potentially offer you the opportunity to study new and different skill sets and perspectives.

Studying abroad may offer you numerous opportunities. From integrating language studies into your athletic training program, to internships in a foreign country, these programs may offer unique and valuable experience for your resume. And while you work toward your athletic training degree, you may also be able to explore a new city, immersing yourself in a new culture.