Volunteer Abroad in Rome | Volunteer in Rome ProgramsVolunteer Abroad in Rome programs place you in the historically charged and dynamic capital of Italy. With the Vatican City located within Rome’s city boundaries, Rome has often been called a capital of two states[i] as well as the birthplace of Western civilization.[ii] Whether you want to volunteer with animals or in the arts, volunteering in Rome is likely to be memorable and rewarding as you get to soak up the culture, cuisine and heritage of this iconic global city.

Why Consider a Volunteer Abroad in Rome Program?

A Volunteer Abroad in Rome program offers students the opportunity to pick up job-related skills, possibly earn college credit, and grow personally through giving time and energy to a specific project. At the same time, when you are not being a volunteer in Rome, you get to explore Rome, often with the ‘insider’ perspective as a local rather than a tourist.

FUN FACT: How do you say “volunteering” in Italian? Say ‘il volontariato’ (web)[iii]

Heritage and History

For students of art, history, or architecture, volunteering in Rome places you in one of the greatest art centers of all time (Raphael, Michelangelo, Boticelli, the list goes on) but it isn’t as if you have to go inside a museum to take in the breadth of Rome’s culture – spectacular fountains, bridges, beautifully landscaped gardens, mosaics, frescos - art is everywhere. Turn your passion for culture into an opportunity to look for a volunteer placement in architectural and historical preservation, or check out possibilities at local museums.

Global City, Urban Problems

With its façade of cobblestones and remnants of its Roman Empire past visible in places like the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, Rome is also a global city[iv], and with that, urban problems such as homelessness, are on the rise.[v] If you are interested in volunteering in the fields of social services or economic development, this may be a possibility in a city of Rome’s magnitude.

Translation, Teaching and Tutoring

In order to volunteer in Rome, you may not have to be fluent in Italian, but a basic knowledge may allow you to experience Rome more deeply. While English is spoken in the more touristic areas[vi], you may find more opportunities the more Italian you can speak. In terms of tutoring or teaching English as a foreign language, you may be able to find a ‘homestay’ experience where you are hosted by a local family, teach them English and practice your Italian at the same time.

Fun and Food: Your Day Off

Whether you are combining a volunteer experience with study abroad or not, one of the things about volunteering in Rome is that you get to explore its cafes, artisan shops, music scene and cuisine when you have time off. Rome is the center of Italian cinema, and, although not in the same fashion league as Milan, it is still the 4th most important fashion center in the world[vii]. No doubt your local friends will have suggestions on where to eat and find bargains off the beaten track.

In Season

Volunteer Abroad in Rome programs may be offered all year, and you can choose how much time to commit to your experience and when it would most suit you to go. There is always some type of festival or event to take in. For instance, July to September is when wide-screen movies are shown outdoors on Tiberina Island. Further toward Fall is the Sagra dell’Uva, a festival given at the Basilica of Constantine in honor of the grape. A Spring volunteer program may coincide with Easter, which is quite a big deal in Vatican City, and Summer is jammed with outdoor performances – check out the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Find a Volunteer Abroad in Rome Opportunity

To find a Volunteer Abroad in Rome program, select the duration and the type of work you would prefer doing, then browse sponsored listings. It is really easy to ‘learn more’ by using the tabs so get more details and then use the contact form. You may want to read peer reviews to get the inside scoop since there are a number of programs to choose from and each has unique features!

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