Volunteer in Costa Rica Opportunities InformationSomeone once said, “Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer”[i], and students who aspire to do and be more by making a positive impact on the world around them might be suited for volunteering in Costa Rica. Whether you chosen cause is to clean up the environment, help people or animals in need, the perfect program for you could be found in this unique Central American country. Volunteer in Costa Rica programs might be just what you've been wanting to experience.

Why Should You Consider a Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica Program?

Costa Rica is a country deep in the heart of Central America with Paraguay and Nicaragua at its borders. The various microclimates, diverse wildlife, and vibrant people are likely to be the backdrop to an unforgettable educational and personal experience volunteering in Costa Rica. Still not convinced? Discover some other experiential features below to see if a volunteer placement in Costa Rica is the right choice for you.

An Immersive Environment

Costa Rica’s national language is Spanish and is home to a unique dialect and influences especially around the San Jose capital area. Spanish is not the only language you are likely to hear while volunteering in Costa Rica. The languages of the indigenous people, antiquated Quaker English and even creole are just some other languages you might here on the streets or interacting with locals.[ii] If you seek to learn Spanish as you work on a volunteer placement, search for immersive language programs in Costa Rica. Some volunteer placements might even teach you Spanish alongside your volunteer or school work.

Give Back While Gaining Experience

Volunteering can be a great opportunity to give back, especially for those who are interested in a potential career in teaching. If teaching abroad is one of your career goals, be sure to look for volunteer programs that offer TEFL training and perhaps even certification.

Animal Lovers Should Apply

There are a number of volunteer placements in Costa Rica that are centered on the care and conservation of the animals indigenous to Costa Rica, including macaws, sea turtles, bats and butterflies. Those who are pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine, sustainability or those who are simply interested in the cause of animal welfare should highly consider a volunteer abroad program in Costa Rica.

Keep Costa Rica Green

Out of the entire world’s expected biodiversity, over 4% of it is located in the 200 mile stretch of Costa Rica. To put it in perspective, there are over a half a million different species within the country alone![iii] Both locals and activists from around the world are committed to keeping Costa Rica lush, green and thriving. If your passions or degree aspirations lie in the sustainability, environmental science or biology fields, a volunteer placement in Costa Rica might be a position that may never get boring!

Don’t Wait! Find Your Perfect Volunteer in Costa Rica Excursion Today

If you are ready to test your skills, make an impact and have fun in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica then don’t wait any longer! Costa Rica may be the perfect volunteer abroad destination for you. Selecting a city, duration and work type are all drop down menu items that may better help you figure out the right program for you. Discover what’s next with StudyAbroad.com and enjoy your Volunteer in Costa Rica program search!

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