Act like a local in Rome

Some helpful tips on how to look more like a local when students study abroad in Rome, Italy.

What Would You Do?

In this article, Lauren tells the story of the time she left her study abroad trip early and she explains what to do to cure homesickness while studying abroad.

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10 Reasons Why Teaching English Abroad Is The Next Step

Looking for an opportunity to teach English abroad? Here are 10 reason's why teaching English abroad in the next step!

Studying Abroad and Saving Money

Check out some of these simple money saving tips that can keep you within budget while you continue to make the most of your travels abroad.

Creating a Budget for Studying Abroad

Traveling is one of life’s luxuries – and luxury doesn’t come cheap. Whether, you’re traveling abroad to study or you’re traveling for pleasure, you’re bound to run into a few financial hurdles along the way. But if you make a plan – and stick to it – it may be possible to see the world without going broke. 

Applying Financial Aid to Study Abroad

This article provides information for students who are looking for scholarships and help funding for their trip studying abroad. The article provides advise on what students can do when applying for scholarships and how students can take steps in applying for financial aid.

Funding the Hidden Costs of Studying Abroad

In this article, we show you some of the hidden fees associated with studying abroad and how you can pay for them.

Act Like a Australia

Learn how to act like a local when you study abroad in Australia. From tips to cultural cues and slang that the locals use, fit right in during your study abroad program in Australia

Befriending a Pop Star in Madrid

When most people think about studying abroad, they don’t imagine themselves befriending an international pop star.  But that’s exactly what my friend Sarah got to do when she studied abroad in Madrid in the spring of 2009.