Why Should I Intern Abroad?

While any internship can add credibility to your resume, some may prove more worthwhile than others. Have you considered the idea that maybe the best internship opportunity for you is waiting outside the boundaries of the United States?

Why I chose the program I did

Hear from two different students the process they went through to pick their study abroad destination. Whether Melbourne or somewhere else is right for you, gain insights from these students' thought processes.

Making the Decision to Study Abroad

Out of the thousands of study abroad programs in countries all over the world, how can you possibly decide where to study and what to study? This article may help you make a decision.

Mom, Dad and Study Abroad

This article encourages students and parents to talk honestly about study abroad. It outlines important questions that parents should ask students, and key points that students should share with parents about study abroad.

Questions to Ask Your Study Abroad Advisor

Preparation is the key to success! This article provides some sample questions to ask your study abroad advisor before you go abroad.

Study Abroad Myths – Debunked!

This article reveals the truth behind many study abroad myths.

Study Abroad Options: Schools & Other Entities

Learn more about the three types of study abroad programs: school-sponsored programs, provider-based programs, and third-party.

Studying Abroad: Getting Started

Deciding if, where, when and how to study abroad is easier than you make think! Learn more about getting started with study abroad now.

Study Abroad Testimonials

Thinking about studying abroad? Learn what current study abroad students have to say about studying abroad!

8 Ways Study Abroad Has Helped Me Grow

Without even knowing it, attending a study abroad program helped Lauren grow as a person. Read the 8 ways studying abroad helped her grow.