Are you looking for to study abroad and gain work experience? Then you may want to consider the magic of the overseas internship. An international internship program is basically a study abroad program with an internship built in. Through yours, you can visit another country, engage in an internship in what might be fascinating field, and, in some cases, earn academic credit. Internship programs abroad could enhance your resume, your academic experience, and your life.

I Want to Study in Germany…No, Thailand…Wait, Maybe South Africa! 

Now you face the difficult task of choosing the best place to study abroad and intern. That might seem impossible! Enter multi-country internship programs. These dynamic programs take you on a tour of a region, stopping in multiple countries as you engage in your internship. If you want to study in Europe but can’t decide in which country, not a problem! Simply engage in a multi-country internship that takes you to 2, 3, or more countries in Europe. Consider doing the same in other regions of the world such as Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, or Latin America. There may be many options…all you have to do is explore them! Then, jump right in. Your international, multi-country adventure awaits! 

Why Intern Abroad?

Are you wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to study abroad and intern? Consider this - interning abroad may submerse you in an exciting, career-enhancing adventure. While you’re interning, you’ll likely meet new people, engage with the local community, and explore how cultural contexts influence your field. You might also gain deeper insight into your new environments; for example, you might learn a bit about what it’s like for people to live and work in a community or learn about your colleagues’ families, upbringings, and cultural perspectives. That in and of itself might be engaging and exciting.

Then, keep in mind that you likely won’t be working 24/7. Depending on your schedule, you may have mornings, afternoons, evenings, or weekends to visit new locations and experience local culture off the job. You’ll likely be able to explore local neighborhoods, enjoy the countries’ ‘must-sees’ and ‘must-tries,’ and spend weekends traveling to nearby destinations. And, you may be able to choose internship programs that include academic study or intensive language programs (or not)! Programs with options like these may give you some control over the portion of time devoted to work, study, and play.  

What Might It Be Like to Live and Intern across Countries?

Ultimately, your experience traveling, living, and interning across countries will depend upon your program and personal study-abroad persona. You might travel to new places with a group of people or on your own; you might intern in an office with international jet-setters, a nature preserve with elephants (and probably some people, of course), or a market bustling with colors, sounds, and people. (Heck, depending on your program, you might experience all three of these types of settings in one program.)

As you travel across countries, you may have to constantly adjust. Each country could submerse you in distinct languages, new types of food, new cultural nuances, and, quite certainly, new settings. For many interns, submersing themselves in multiple social, cultural, and even political and economic contexts could be fascinating, challenging, and invigorating at once.

Interns in multi-country programs—including you—could emerge from their programs as international travelers—global citizens, really—and people who have witnessed and experienced the joys and challenges of living across cultures. Moving from country to country could allow for a profound and life-enhancing experience. Not to mention that while you’re making your life super cool, you could also add an intriguing line to your resume. Not too shabby, eh?  

What Are My Options for Interning Abroad in Multiple Countries?

First, you might be able to find semester, year-long, or summer internships abroad. You might also be able to intern across countries in multiple regions throughout the world. To explore your options for multi-country internships abroad and to get a sense of which regions await your arrival, browse our list of programs below. There you can request information and contact programs directly for additional information or to sign up. As you’ll see, you’ll likely have options across industries, disciplines, and occupations. You’ll also likely have options to add components (such as academic classes, intensive language classes, or guided tours). Take note of programs of interest, compare your options, and jump in. Your status as a global citizen awaits!