As you may know, interning may provide a wonderful way to develop your knowledge and skills in a particular field or discipline. It could enhance your resume, help you develop your professional work ethic and demeanor, and, if you’re lucky, submerse you in a fun adventure! These potential benefits may be reason enough to seek internships in Brazil.

Now imagine interning in another country. Imagine interning through a Brazil study abroad program. Picture your internship surrounded by the cultural sights and sounds of the country. Perhaps you’d cut through the busy plaza each morning on your way to your internship, pão de queijo and cafezinhos in hand. On your lunchbreak, you might share food with your friends as you practice Portuguese and learn about life as a local. After a day’s work, you might wander the city, enjoy live music, and dance the samba. Imagine yourself exploring and taking in the sights and sounds of your city as you enjoy Brazilian treats, discover new haunts, and otherwise enjoy a fascinating place. You may have a fabulous experience as you intern abroad in Brazil. 

Why Consider Internships in Brazil?

Brazil has several well-developed industries, a powerful business sector, and a population that embraces community service, public service, and grassroots organization. Depending on where and with whom you intern, you’ll likely get your hands wet in at least one of these areas when you intern in Brazil

Through your experience, you may develop your communication skills, your ability to work with different types of people, and your facility in working in unfamiliar environments while you learn about a particular industry. You may also develop your global perspective and your capacities to work in an international setting. Plus, you may get to develop your Portuguese language skills or, if you don’t know Portuguese, try your hand at a new-to-you language. All of this could be professionally and personally satisfying.  

What Should I Do, Eat, and See While I Intern Abroad in Brazil?

Brazil is a large and diverse country with lots to do, eat, and see. Ultimately, you’ll need to conduct extensive research to see what places, foods, and activities fit your fancy. However, we can give you a sense of some the more popular activities, cuisines, and sights in Brazil:

  • Visit the famous Christ the Redeemer statue (stand at its feet to get a sense of its size and to enjoy fantastic views), Iguassu Falls (let their beauty take your breath away), and Olinda (to submerse yourself in natural beauty).
  • Tour Favela, the famous shanty town. Taking a tour will help you learn about Favela’s history and culture.
  • Partake in the festive and bold atmosphere of Brazil’s beaches, an evening of dancing the samba to live music, and Brazil’s museums and galleries that speak of its native, European, and Afro-Brazilian roots.
  • Eat Brigadeiro (delicious, truffle-like treats), feijoada (a famous bean and meat stew), acarajé (deemed one of the world’s most fattening foods, but a must try), Romeo e Julieta (a dessert made with quiejo minas and guava compote), and churrasco (grilled meat).  

These are just some of the many places, activities, and foods you might enjoy while you’re interning abroad in Brazil.

How Do I Find An Intern Abroad Program in Brazil?

Perhaps there is no better time than now to commit to an internship and adventure in Brazil. Combining work with pleasure could make the experience one you’ll treasure for a lifetime. To find internship program available in Brazil, simply view the listings below. There you can browse Internships in Brazil programs by title or select “Learn More” to get program details, read reviews of some programs, or contact programs directly for additional information. You can also compare Internships in Brazil programs to see which might be a great fit. We wish you luck as you embark on this life- and resume-enhancing adventure!