If you want to learn a new language and see the world while you’re at it, consider intensive language programs in Peru. Why Peru? Peru is a linguistically diverse country, with a variety of Spanish dialects, Quechua, and even other aboriginal languages. By studying language in Peru, you could learn to communicate with people from all over Central and South America and even the world. What’s more, you could might all about the cultures that pre-date Spanish presence in the Americas while you’re at it. And it’s a unique option—by studying somewhere a little off the beaten track, you’ll not only gain experience living abroad, but it may be something nobody else you know has done. Some programs may also integrate your language education with internship or service experiences, increasing the amount you could learn while you’re there.

Intensive Language Programs in Peru: What Language is Spoken in Peru?

Peru could be a fascinating place to learn a new language. While the official language is Spanish, that’s far from the only language spoken in the country. In addition to Spanish, many people in Peru may also speak Quechua, Aymara, and a variety aboriginal languages and dialects. The latter are especially prevalent throughout communities in the Peruvian Amazon. Of these, Spanish and Quechua are the most prominent, not only in Peru but also throughout South America, making them both great choices for potential study and practice.