Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Rolling Starts

Program Overview

Program Description:

The Philosophy Department specialises in European/ Continental philosophy. It offers taught and distance learning (online) Masters degrees in philosophy, as well as the PhD, again either by attendance or distance learning. We have particular research interests in aspects of Kant and Kantianism, Nietzsche, phenomenology, Heidegger, French epistemology and philosophy of science (including Foucault), aesthetics, and political philosophy.

Our pioneering, fully online/distance learning Masters degree is available both full and part-time, and you can join in either September or January. Each semester runs on a week by week schedule, with lively online debate with fellow students. (This is not a 'correspondence course'.)

The Masters requires four modules. First, on late-18th to 19th Century European thought, focusing on the themes of transcendence and the body. Second, Phenomenology and Ontology (usually centering on Heidegger, and responses to Heidegger); third, Knowledge and Politics (which looks at the intersection between the nature of knowledge or truth, on the one hand, and issues of power, ideology or subject-formation on the other); and Research Seminar (which has a changable theme; it is a 'live' research module, based on the current work of a member of staff). You then prepare a research dissertation under the supervision of one of our experts. The distance learning Masters takes between 12 and 16 months to complete full time (depending upon when you start), or 28-32 months part-time.

The taught (on-campus) Masters degree is a negotiated programme, which you can customise to meet your needs and interests -- it is similar to an MRes.

The attendance PhD programme is normally 36-40 months of full-time, supervised research; we can only accept students in our areas of research specialisation, because supervision means that we help you with your work every step of the way. We now offer a fully distance learning mode of study towards a PhD. It works the same way as the attendance mode, but you can study with us from wherever you live! The distance learning PhD programme is normally part-time only.

Many of our students join us for career purposes -- either because an advanced degree in philosophy looks good on their CV, or because they are hoping to move into philosophy research and education. Many others, however, study with us just because they are passionate about the subject, and want to take it further in a structured, helpful and friendly environment. And by 'helpful and friendly' we mean it: lots of interaction with and feedback from your professors. You are not on your own!

Setting Description:
Staffordshire University is an urban university in the Midlands -- the 'Heart of England'. Stoke on Trent is a small, friendly city famous for its ceramics industry. Both taught and distance learning courses are supported by extensive online study, guidance and research materials.
The tuition fees vary depending upon full or part time study, and whether you are a UK national, an EU citizen, or international. Please see the University website.