Whether you study music formally, or have a personal passion for the subject, learning about music study abroad programs in Spain might be a great way to explore that passion in depth. Well known for styles like flamenco and classical guitar, Spain’s musical traditions vary widely between geographic regions and historical eras, incorporating a wide variety of religious and cultural influences. All of this conspires to make Spain a perfect place to study music, either classical or contemporary.

Why Consider Music Study Abroad Programs in Spain?

Spain boasts a rich artistic heritage, especially when it comes to music and dance. Perhaps one of the most famous contributions Spain has made to the Western musical tradition is flamenco, a form of music and dance characterized by guitar, vocals, and percussive clapping. However, Spain’s rich musical tradition extends well beyond this, as diverse in character as the regions and people of Spain, with a variety of cultural influences both current and historic. From Catholic to Moorish influence throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to Celtic influence in the north, Spain’s musical tradition is rooted in a diverse heritage that extends to today.

No matter whether you prefer a specific era or genre like classical instrumental music, choral music, opera, or contemporary, studying abroad in Spain may be a great fit. In addition to being able to study in the same place many musical traditions were fostered, you may be able to immerse yourself in a new culture, practice your Spanish skills, and work alongside and learn from respected schools and professors. Whether you intend to pursue music professionally, or whether you want to explore your personal passion or music, this may be a great fit for you.