A Study Abroad in Naples, Italy brings you to one of the one of the oldest continuously habited cities in the world[i]. When most people think of Naples, they immediately think of pizza since it originated in this city, but this is by far the only reason to consider studying abroad in Naples. With its unique history, art, architecture, archeological ruins and spectacular setting in the western coast of Southern Italy as your backdrop, what could be better than earning academic credit while you explore Napoli?!

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Naples, Italy?

If you grew up in an urbanized setting, what could be more appealing than studying on the Gulf of Naples. In between two volcanic regions (Mount Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fileds), with the Islands of Capri and Procida and Ischia nearby, a Study Abroad in Naples program situates you in a spectacular Mediterranean setting.

FUN FACT: If you want to say “beautiful view” in Italian, say ‘bella vista’! (web)

Vistas and Views

You will feel ‘on top of it all’ in the Parco Virgiliano, a scenic park on the hill of Posillipo; a series of terraces overlooking the whole Gulf of Naples. Views include the coasts of Amalfi and Sorrento, Mount Vesuvius, Gaiola Bay, and the Pollione's amphitheater.


Running underneath the city of Naples is an underground geothermal zone and tunnels that were dug during the ages that you can tour; plus you need to get to Pompei - archeology buffs this one is for you!


Known for its stately villas, check out the Neoclassical Villa Floridiana built in 1816. Or walk through the Villa Communale, built by King Ferdinand 4th in the 1780’s.

Higher Education

Known for its many higher education institutes and research centers, the University of Naples Federico 2nd was founded in 1224 and believed to be the oldest public university in the world; Thomas Aquinas was one of the notable alumni.

Getting Around

While you may be able to walk to class, Naples is noted for their trams, buses, funicular (cabled rail), trolleybuses, and decorative metro stations. Piazza Garibaldi is where you can find the main railway station (Naploli Centrale), but people also get around in small hatchbacks and scooters; Just FYI, Naples' streets are famously narrow –I t was the first city in the world to set up a pedestrian one-way street![ii]

Artistically Speaking

A Study Abroad in Naples brings you in contact with some distinct Medieval, Baroque and Renaissance churches, castles, theatres and palaces. What stands out too is that Naples is home of the artistic tradition of Capdimonte porcelain which dates back to 1743.

Neapolitan Cuisine

Naples is credited as the home of pizza, but it is also internationally famous for its wine, spaghetti with ragu sauce, parmigiana di melanzane, gelato, zeppole, struffole and limoncello – a lemon liqueur. Yes, there is an annual pizzafest.


If getting up for class is a challenge, there is no shortage of good coffee in Naples; it is usually made in the traditional Neapolitan flip coffee pot. Your morning cup will never be the same!

Music and Language

The Naples dialect is distinct so if you pick any up with new friends you are learning the southern brand of Italian; luckily the language of music transcends. On that note, the earliest 6 string guitar was created in Naples, and, as you can imagine, it is a great place to take in the opera.

Festivals and Fun

Naples is known to love a party; from performing arts festivals like Ravello’s Festival Musicale di Villa Rufolo to the Ethnos Festival, jazz festivals and the Naploi Film Festival to many other festivals and outdoor programs with free events, exhibitions, and performances. Your leisure time will be booked up!  

Find a Study Abroad in Naples Program

All you need to figure out is when (semester, year) and what (courses for credits) you want to take. Use the easy navigation to browse sponsored listings. Many programs offer structured excursions so you get to see surrounding areas or sights of interest. With the Amalfi Coast so close, studying abroad in Naples gives you access to a historical city close to the sea – a city with flavor and charm that is more than likely to be memorable long after college is over.

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