Study Abroad in Hong Kong

Are you a fan of martial arts movies - the Bruce Lee classics like Enter the Dragon or the more recent hits, like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Kung fu and Bruce Lee may not seem to have a lot to do with being a college student who is studying abroad - but it's emblematic of something larger, something that's often hard to pin down. Students that choose to study abroad in Hong Kong face a magical and near-mystical experience. 

Why Would You Want to Study Abroad in Hong Kong?

The whole city of Hong Kong is almost like a gigantic but living, breathing organism...a multitude of separate parts and systems that somehow work to the common purpose of the city itself. In Hong Kong, the modern stands side-by-side with the traditional. It's a city that boasts many seemingly contradictory titles. One of these, the East-meets-West cultural aspect, is enduringly interesting. You don't have to have seen tons of Hong Kong kung fu movies to understand this - heck, if you've seen any American kung fu movies, you understand it. Bruce Lee is an American icon who permanently changed how American action movies are made (and watched). Yet to a large extent his style and persona were forged in Hong Kong. Whatever your level of exposure to the culture of Hong Kong, as a student living abroad there, you'll be astonished at the opportunities you have to expose yourself to the people, life, and history surrounding you.

Another simple thing that living abroad in Hong Kong has going for it is its proximity to other cities and places - you can travel by train into the People's Republic of China. Hong Kong, a former British colony and current Special Administrative Region of China, is home to an exceptional culture. So Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China are very different, as you might imagine, but they're separated by only a short train ride. Both in terms of coming and going, getting around couldn't be easier. When you fly in, Hong Kong is accessible by air from most major cities around the world, and by not onlyi train but ferry as well from other parts of China. Once you arrive, you'll find an extensive public transportation network that is clean, efficient, and affordable - if you're flying out of the city and taking the train to the airport, you can automatically scan your luggage at the train station, and, without your seeing it again, your bag will get off the train at the airport and get checked into the right plane.

Hong Kong Study Abroad Program Options

Both fast-paced and personal, Hong Kong offers a distinctive blend of Chinese tradition and a wealth of influences from international waters. Do you have a passion for...

  • Business
  • Language
  • Fashion,
  • History
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Entertainment

If so, Hong Kong offers you a wealth of opportunities. Or perhaps you have a multitude of passions, and want your studies to indulge as many of them as possible. Hong Kong has not only a physical life but also an intellectual life that demand to be explored.

Becoming a Student of the City

Hong Kong, then, is a unique city, born of ancient Chinese heritage and a long period of Western influence. And it is a multifaceted city where feng shui and football, towering skyscrapers and historical sites exist side by side. Also, it's a place born of English and Cantonese - and this is the second element that's crucial for students to consider: the melting pot of Hong Kong applies not only to its broader culture, but to its academic culture. Students learn about the city from its Neolithic beginnings to its current position as a world city. By being a student in the city you also become a student of the city.

As a student looking to immerse yourself in Chinese or Asian art and history, Hong Kong offers a selection of the finest museums. For instance, the Hong Kong Museum of Art offers an unparalleled collection from not only the city itself, but Macau and other parts of the Pearl River Delta. The downtown area offers a brilliant science museum, as well as a history museum. Perhaps one of the more unique offerings is the Museum of Tea Ware that was built in the former residence of the commander of the British forces and chronicles the history of tea and its various accessories from the 7th century to today.

As a student in Hong Kong, you'll expand your life experience and your knowledge base widely, in many fresh and exciting ways.

  • Eastern Michigan University

  • Emory University

  • University of Kansas