If you are enticed by the azure blue of the ocean and the idea of island-hopping appeals to you, why not try a Summer Study Abroad in Greece program and earn undergraduate credits at the same time? Plato, one of the major philosophical thinkers to emerge from Greece is quoted as having said, “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life”. Centrally located at the intersection of Europe, Asian and Africa, Greece is rich in cultural and historical heritage, boasts the longest coastline of the Mediterranean and is home to Mount Olympus and Greek mythology. A summer in Greece is bound to be memorable.

Why Consider a Summer Study Abroad in Greece Program?

If you are contemplating a Summer Study Abroad in Greece Program, chances are you are looking for a destination that does not remind you of home, inspires you to want to explore and discover, but also has some strong academic options. Whether you are interested in learning the language or choosing from the different course options, studying in Greece for summer break may leave you feeling like you really ‘got away’ but at the same time, studied in one of the countries well known for its brilliant thinkers and contributions to art, theatre and literature and medicine.

FUN FACT: Shaking hands is not a common custom in Greece, and there are many different ways to greet people. To say hello informally you can say "Yassou", pronounced YAH-soo and sometimes spelled "giasou" or "ya su"

Love the Landscape

Geographically, Greece is really interesting. Filled with over a 1000 islands, breathtaking beaches as well as mountains, hills, and the plains of Thessaly, Central Macedonia and Thrace.


Considered the birthplace of Western culture and civilization, studying in Greece might feel like a live history lesson, as you gaze on ancient ruins, archaeological sites, and wander through one of the worlds’ oldest cities, Athens. Get to the Pnyx, used for popular assemblies it is thought of as the spot where Democracy was created.

Technology Parks

Greece is well-known for its technology parks, like the Thessaloniki Technology Park, and the incubating facilities of The Science and Technology Park of Crete


If you like treasures from time passed, are an art conservation buff or appreciate history, Greece has over a 100 major archaeological sites, and over a 100 archaeological museums. Think of visiting the Acropolis, Hadrian’s gate, discovering Delphi, in the heart of Mount Parnassus (believed to be the centre of the universe) or sight-seeing in Sparta.


Known for styles that go from Greco-Roman to Neoclassical and Modern (think Bauhaus), the Corinthian column was invented in Athens in the 5th century BCE. You will likely want to visit the magnificent Temple of Poseidon or the Temple of Zeus at Olympia

Theatre, Literature and the Arts

If you’ve read any Greek tragedy you know that theatre was born in Greece, and most western philosophical traditions can be traced back to Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. And then there are the Greek classics of Homer. This country undrstands thought leadership!


Fresh figs, real warm olive oil and crusty bread, seafood by the sea where it was caught that day, crumbled feta, Greek yogurt with fresh drizzled honey and pistachio nuts, loukoumades (honey doughnuts), real souvlakia served on fresh pita with zesty sauce and salad. Greek cuisine is known for its simplicity, fresh herbs (think thyme, oregano, mint, rosemary) and fresh tastes. Real Souvlakia


Traditional Greek coffee is ordered by level of sweetness – sketo (no sugar); metrio (a little sugar); glyko (very sweet)


Greece is known for longer nights, nightlife, concerts, festivals and different hotspots - especially in the bigger cities -Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.

Find a Summer Study Abroad in Greece Program

Search for Summer Study Abroad in Greece programs by program subject, or choose a city. Getting around once you are there, you may want to rent a car, take a bus, train, ferry or walk and explore in your off time. The perfect combination of learning and leisure, if you are excited to overseas, summer in Greece sounds like it will leave lasting memories. Continued success as you find the right Summer Study Abroad in Greece program.


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