Germany Winter Semester Programs | Winter Study Abroad in GermanyWhy a Germany Winter Semester?

If you’ve been having trouble fitting a study abroad program into your busy academic schedule, a Germany winter semester may be the answer! While you’re taking a break from your normal educational pursuits, you could have the chance to explore the culturally rich cities of Germany. You could even earn potential credit to get ahead back home. With holiday celebrations, winter sports and delicious, hearty food, winter in Germany is not to be missed. For students who are worried about graduating on-time, but don’t want to miss out, a Germany winter semester could be the perfect choice!

Winter Semester in Germany: Winter Fun & Convenient Coursework

One of the biggest challenges faced by students looking to study abroad is fitting the programs into their busy and demanding academic schedules. By studying abroad in Germany during in winter, you might venture to a foreign country with no conflicts from your home college or university! As a bonus, devoting this extra bit of time might assist you in your education. You could apply the skills and knowledge gained in Germany to current coursework, or potentially earn valuable credits to put you ahead of schedule when you return! Check with your school to see if credit from programs could apply.

Don’t worry – you will likely still get a taste of winter break! Why not spend off hours exploring the country for an ultimate vacation? You may even get a taste of the holidays in Germany. Christmas is often a big to-do and hard to miss. The city of Nuremberg is known for its elaborate Christmas market and displays. Wander the streets to get into the Christmas spirit! And don’t forget activities that are exclusive to the German winter. For example, any combination of the Alps and skiing couldn’t be bad, right? So, bundle up and explore to truly get the winter experience.

How to Weather Through Winter in Germany

German winters may be on the colder side, so you’re going to want to grab a plate of hearty, warm food before heading out on any adventures. Good thing Germany is known for its cuisine! A good meal to fill your belly and warm you up could be a huge plate of sausage. Depending on your region, there may be plenty of choices! A Münchner weißwurst is popular in the Bavaria region, while currywurst is more popular in urban cities throughout the country. These should be accompanied with a hefty helping of mustard! Order a bunch of fritten – or German fries – to complete your plate. But be ready, this familiar snack often comes with mayonnaise as opposed to ketchup!

Now that you’ve eaten to your heart’s content, it’s time to get out and start exploring. No matter where you plan on studying in Germany, you may have access to its elaborate train system. You might even consider buying a rail pass so that you could go off on adventures at a moment’s notices! This could be a great way to see more of Germany than just the city you’re staying in. You could tap into the distinctly German tradition of Oktoberfest in Munich. Or see the remnants of recent history in Berlin. If beautiful architecture is your thing, maybe you’d like to take a ride to Dresden! There’s plenty to discover in these unique cities! Some programs even include planned excursions. Read descriptions carefully and find one that fits your unique interests!

Finding a Perfect Germany Winter Semester Program

Before you start racing off to pack your winter coat, you’ll need to find your perfect program to study abroad in Germany in winter! If you keep scrolling down this page, you’ll see a list of potential programs for you to browse. Want more information about a program? Click through the intended program’s link to contact them directly. Once you find your perfect winter semester study abroad program in Germany – get those bags ready! And maybe some snow boots…