Summer Study Abroad in Ecuador | Summer Semester in Ecuador ProgramsLooking for the perfect summer study abroad opportunity, to enliven your studies with exciting international travel? Why not Ecuador? Summer study abroad in Ecuador might be the perfect way to spend some time abroad, potentially earning a few credits while exploring a new culture, hiking through diverse terrain, and strengthening your language skills. No matter what you’re studying, Ecuador might be a great place to enrich classroom learning with real-world experience, adding valuable international travel experience to your resume, and making your summer one to remember.

Why Choose Summer Study Abroad in Ecuador?

Spending your summer study abroad in Ecuador might be an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand your travel horizons, take your education into the real world, and gain exciting new personal experiences. Whether you’re more interested in learning about conservation and the environment, culture, history, the arts, languages, or something else entirely, summer study abroad in Ecuador is the perfect option to combine education with travel and create a summer you’ll never forget.

Explore Megadiversity and the Outdoors in Ecuador

Are you interested in studying conservation, biology, ecology, or other related topics, not just in the classroom and lab but also in the real world? Whether that’s your chosen major, or a personal interest, Ecuador might be the perfect choice for someone interested in learning all about the environment. As a country classified “megadiverse” by Conservation International, Ecuador boasts a huge array of flora and fauna, not to mention a diverse terrain that ranges from the Andes to the Galapagos Islands (which are referred to locally as the Archipiélago de Colón). Whether you want to study the science of conservation in real life context, or unique hiking opportunities for when you’re not in class, Ecuador might be your perfect choice for a memorable summer study abroad.

Experience Ecuador History and Culture

If you want to spend your summer studying in an exciting new culture with a fascinating history, choosing a program for summer study abroad in Ecuador might be perfect. Spanning all the way back to the Incan Empire, through its colonization by the Spanish Empire, to today, Ecuador is a great place to put history into real-world perspective, and explore how that history is still present in the culture of today.

Modern-day Ecuador was once part of the Incan Empire, which also stretched through what is now Bolivia, Peru, and Chile. If you’re fascinated by ancient history, archeology and anthropology, this might be a great opportunity for you to take your learning into the field. You might explore Incan ruins like Ingapirca, and even learn Quechua, which is still spoken in Ecuador today.

Once Ecuador became a colony of Spain, Ecuador gained a number of other cultural influences from Europe and Africa. In addition to the Spanish language, these influences can also be found in culture, art, and music.

Overall, Ecuador is a great place to go to learn about and experience history in a real-world context. Whether you’re a student of history, anthropology, the arts, or just want a well-rounded experience, summer study abroad in Ecuador might be great for you.

Immerse Yourself in the Arts in Ecuador

Do you want a summer study abroad experience rich in the arts? How about learning about a vibrant artistic tradition in the context of a new culture? Ecuador’s diverse cultural influences all come together to create an interesting and unique culture of artisanship, art, literature, and music. Whether you’re a student of the arts formally or want to explore a personal passion and expand your horizons, through summer study abroad in Ecuador, you can immerse yourself in a new and exciting artistic tradition.

One of the most famous examples of Ecuadorian art is created by the Tigua people, known for the use of bright colors and pastoral landscapes painted on artifacts like drums and masks. Ecuador is also home to a more conventional artistic tradition, with a variety of master painters, past and present, often focusing on landscapes, symbols and images that are important to the culture and history of Ecuador.

Ecuador’s music scene is also lively. From traditional, indigenous traditions like Pasillo to music with African influences like Bomba, Ecuadorian music is as diverse as its people. Ecuador even boasts an up-and-coming rock scene in its major cities.

If you’re interested in literature, Ecuador is or has been home to a number of famous writers and novelists, from poetry to fiction, romanticism to the magic realism Latin America is known for.

No matter what your artistic background or interests, if you want to spend your summer exploring the arts in a new and exciting location and culture, Ecuador might just be the place for you.

Learn Spanish Abroad in Ecuador

Do you want to spend your summer expanding your Spanish skills? Whether you’re looking for accessible beginner courses or a fully immersive program to build your fluency, Ecuador is a great place to expand your language skills. You might even have the opportunity to learn about Quichua, an indigenous language that has roots going back to Ecuador’s time as part of the Incan empire.

Find Great Summer Study Abroad in Ecuador Programs

Are you ready to find a perfect summer study abroad program in Ecuador? Let help! Whether you want to study a particular subject like conservation, art, language, or something else, or a specific format or setting like a semester at sea or a specific city, great programs might be available for you to consider. Don’t wait any longer to find your perfect summer study abroad program in Ecuador!

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