Summer Study Abroad in Caribbean | Caribbean Summer Study Abroad ProgramsFor many students, there are few things more tempting that the crystal-clear waters and lush green foliage of the Caribbean. Not to mention the region’s colorful buildings, laid-back atmosphere, and peaceful vibes. All of these lovely elements come together to establish what might be a perfect oasis. Plus, the Caribbean is not just a pretty face; it’s also chock full of social, political, and artistic culture. The Caribbean’s character is tranquil, poetic, and provocative at once.   

Why Consider Summer Study Abroad in Caribbean Programs

Enjoying the character of the Caribbean while you earn academic credit, enhance your resume, and expand your mind might be the perfect move for summer. Wouldn’t it be great to become more of a local and less of a vacationer? Wouldn’t you love to make new friends, connect with locals, and become a regular at your favorite beach spots? These are just some of the many opportunities available to you when you study abroad for a summer in the Caribbean.  

To learn more about summer programs in the Caribbean, explore your options below. Find one you love and jump right in—the water’s fine!  

Fun Fact: The Caribbean has a fascinating and vibrant history! While you’re studying abroad in the Caribbean, study-up on people like Wycliffe Bennett (often referred to as the Godfather of Jamaica’s theater and film industry), Bussa (a freedom fighter named as a national hero), and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (a man who brilliantly blended black traditional music with classical music). These are just a few of the thousands of amazing people who shaped Caribbean culture.