The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Although income is low in the country, Cambodia's economy is growing at one of the fastest rates in Asia, averaging 6 percent. Many challenges face the country including poverty and hunger. The country borders Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Tourism is Cambodia's second-greatest source of revenue with over 2 million tourists visiting the country per year. There are many Asia study abroad programs that students looking to expand their cultural horizons can partake in and Cambodia continues to be a more popular study abroad destination among Asian countries.

Why Cambodia? | A Popular Study Abroad Destination

Cambodia boasts beautiful temple ruins of Angkor, the capital city of the Khmer Empire, which flourished between the 9th to 15th centuries. Programs often include volunteer service in the many rural outlying villages. On the west coast of Cambodia lies the Gulf of Thailand, an integral part of the ecosystem of the country. With dense rain forests, picturesque mountains, and sprawling white-sand beaches, Cambodia has all the makings of an ideal vacation destination, with a rich culture to study abroad. Whether you're a high school, college, university student, or recent graduate, there are study abroad options available for you. Find Cambodia and Southeast Asia study abroad programs.

Study abroad in Cambodia for students (college, high school and all others) seeking study abroad, language abroad, intern abroad, and volunteer abroad opportunities in a cultural and historical country. Find Cambodia study abroad programs!