Winter Study Abroad in Australia

When students think about studying abroad in the winter they may picture being stuck inside with their books while it snows, but this might not be the case with a winter study abroad in Australia! While Northern countries are cooling down, this southern continent is only heating up – and not just temperature wise. Australia is gearing up its academics to challenge, enhance, and help international students grow during their winter breaks. By attending classes outside of their typically structured academic schedules, students could have the chance to travel internationally without potentially missing valuable credits. It might be time to go “down under” to learn how the Aussies uniquely handle your concentration and studies. Whether its STEM subject or the humanities, they’re bound to offer a new and insightful perspective you may not have access to at home. Of course, these challenging academics might be accompanied with the fun of exploring an entirely new continent!

Don’t put away your summer clothes quite yet and get ready for an Australia study abroad winter semester! Keep reading for more information about how the Outback could affect your studies and international adventures.

Why Study in Australia Winter Semester

Winter study abroad in Australia could be a great way to fit an international experience into your busy academic schedule. Winter semester programs typically take place between your fall and spring semesters back home, which means you might not be missing out on vital classes for your degree concentration! Outside of the convenient scheduling, Australia offers another compelling argument for winter study: warmth! While many winter programs might include snow, cold, and packing plenty of sweaters, Australian study abroad winter semester programs are quite the opposite! Since Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, it’s seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern. This means that winter is summer for them! During your winter semester abroad you could have the chance to have a second summer break instead of being covered from head to toe in winter gear.

Besides studying in the warmer climate, Australia also offers a unique perspective on many concentrations. Due to factors such as location, ecology, and culture, as well as much more, Australia has developed some unique stances in many different academic fields that may flesh out students’ understanding in ways their home country could not. For example, students studying history might be especially interested in learning more about Australia’s colonization by the British empire and its tangled past with its indigenous people. These are both distinctly Australian topics that may not be emphasized as much in other courses. What a great opportunity to investigate another country’s history!

Biology students may also be excited by what Australia has to offer. The Outback is known for some fearsome flora and fauna that might not be found anywhere else in the world. For instance, are you aware of how many marsupials call Australia home as opposed to anywhere else in the world? It’s a lot! While studying in Australia winter semester, you could have the chance to engage with these biologically diverse ecosystems and even get up close and personal with a few furry creatures. Just be sure to keep a safe distance from the ones with scales!

While both of these programs may receive special attention, Australia study abroad winter semesters also offer a wide range of concentrations such as arts, business, education, health sciences, and technology to name a few. Check with your intended program for a complete list of available coursework.

But academics is only half of the study abroad experience. Keep reading for some ideas of what to do outside the classroom when you winter study abroad in Australia. Don’t let that warm Australian winter go to waste!

Exploring a Winter Wonderland: Australian “Summer” Adventures

No matter where you choose to pursue your winter study abroad in Australia will be fun and adventurous might just be right outside your door. Whether you find yourself in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane you could rest assured that there are cities to explore, trails to hike, and waves to surf.

For example, Kakadu National Park is home to some prehistoric creatures – crocodiles! Made famous by a khaki loving Australian, crocodiles have become an unofficial mascot of Australia. Head to the Yellow Waters Lagoon inside the park to catch one of these killer reptiles’ signature smiles. From a safe distance that is. Of course, there’s plenty of other (less terrifying) animals to see too, like brolgas, sea eagles, jacanas, and goannas!

Looking for a more urban outing? You may have heard of the Golden Gate Bridge or the London Bridge, but have you ever heard of the Sydney Harbor Bridge? Sitting 440 ft above sea level, this bridge provides views of Sydney in its entirety, so be sure to bring your camera! Tourists are more than welcome to hike up to the tallest point of the bridge to access the breathtaking panorama. Stop by at night to see the Sydney Opera House lit up in the distance.

Once your adventures have tired you out, it’s time to refuel with an authentic Australian barbecue. Yes, you heard right, barbecue. The Aussies are known for firing up a “barbie” to celebrate or just to enjoy each other’s company. Just don’t ever ask them to “throw a shrimp on the barbie.” Australians don’t call them shrimp, for starters. They’re known as prawns there! For dessert, you might want to hunt down a plate of homemade pavlova. The sweet treat consists of baked meringue and fresh fruit. Unlike ice cream, this cake won’t melt in the Australian heat!

Keep in mind, this is just a taste of what you could do when you’re studying abroad in Australia winter semester. Check with your intended program for suggestions of what else to see on your international journey.

Leave the Coat at Home for a Winter Study Abroad

Get ready to leave behind cold winter climates and head out on a warm, sunny adventure when you winter study abroad in Australia! Before you completely ditch your jacket, it’s time to pick a perfect program. Scroll down this page to view a list of potential programs. To read more information about any of the provided programs, simply click the link next to it. To refine your list further, select your preferred specialty from the menus on this page. Good luck!

  • University of Sydney

  • Green River College

  • New York Film Academy