Graduate Programs in Germany | Germany Graduate SchoolsAfter earning your undergraduate degree, why not pursue a more international experience in your graduate studies? Grad school in Germany could be a great option! By attending graduate school abroad, you might gain a new perspective on your field, unavailable to you back home. Academics aside, you may also get the chance to join a new community – an international one! Living in Germany could be a great way to thoroughly experience the culture. From the language, to the food, to the people, and even the academics, German graduate school could allow you to sample all the country has to offer! Ready to expand your academic and cultural horizons? Read on to learn more about graduate programs in Germany.

Graduate School in Germany

Attending graduate school in Germany may open exciting, new opportunities. In addition to learning about your chosen specialty from the Germanic perspective, you could gain access to industries that might have seen more development than in your home country. Perhaps your country does not focus on cutting edge technologies in your field, like neuroscience or marine biology – but Germany does! This could be a great opportunity to study at the forefront of your specialty and tap into exclusive learning techniques that only Germany has to offer.

Germany is also home to many powerhouses in the manufacturing arena. BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Mercedes all call Germany home. Due to this, you may be able to find a plethora of graduate programs aimed at the manufacturing and engineering concentrations. You could also visit the companies’ various museums and offices. Take advantage of this country’s expertise to advance your learning.

Students wanting to pursue their business education may find a wealth of options as well. Since Germany is part of the European Single Market, you could not only study the bustling Germanic economy, but its international competitors as well. Interested in finance? Then be sure to check out Frankfurt, the country’s financial capital.

These are just a few of the many reasons Germany could be a great choice. Germany is also the home of Nietzche, for those with a philosophical bent, and many artistic and historical icons. Read the listings at the bottom of this page for more concentration specific information, and to find one that might be great for you!

Experience German Culture Through Graduate School in Germany

Depending on your chosen graduate program – master’s or doctoral – you may be spending an extended amount of time in Germany. This could be a great opportunity to experience the German lifestyle in a deeper way. You will likely have the chance to eat as they do, pick up the language, and have plenty of occasions to explore not only your home city, but the surrounding ones. Who knows? Your study abroad experience might transform into a test to determine if a move to Germany post-graduation is for you!

As you live amongst the German people, you could take part in their holidays. Many of these may be familiar if you currently live in a western country. Christmas is extremely popular in Germany and is often accompanied by a decadent meal. Roast goose is a common Christmas feast centerpiece. If you’re staying in southern Germany, though, you may find carp on your table instead! No matter your location, würstchen mit kartoffelsalat will likely make an appearance. This popular side closely resembles a potato salad with sausage. Köstlish (delicious)! Finally, no German Christmas experience is complete without a trip to the holiday market and displays in Nuremberg. The city is known the world over for its Christmas spirit, so be sure to check it out.

Outside the Classroom: Exploring Germany

When you’re ready for a break from your graduate studies, there’s plenty to do and see. While wine may be traditionally associated with France, Germany has its very own wine country in the Rhine Valley. Known for its picturesque views, the valley is prime real estate for vineyards. Sample a glass as you take in sweeping views– or perhaps as you tour one of its historic castles, including the Marksburg and Stolzenfels Castle. There are also local legends of mermaids appearing in the Rhine’s waters. Who knows what you might find! Continue your relaxing study breaks with a day trip to the Sylt. This tranquil beach not only provides you with postcard worthy views of the North Sea, but the surrounding towns are known for their high-class boutiques and fine dining. What a decadent day!

Other sites you might enjoy include Berlin Wall, Cologne Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate, and Neuschwanstein Castle and Germany’s many museums. You may find plenty to fill your time during a graduate program in Germany. The difficult part may be simply narrowing down your choices!

What’s Next in Your Search of Graduate Programs in Germany?

Your life in Germany is waiting for just one more thing – you! To begin your search for graduate programs in Germany, continue further down this page. Browse the list of links below to see if any of the programs and their concentrations interest you. Are you looking for a specific area of study? You could use the menus at the top of this page to further refine your search and cater the lists more accurately to your area of interest. This may make finding a perfect graduate program in Germany that much easier!