Why earn a degree in Shanghai China? Studying overseas can be a great way for both the undergraduate and the graduate student to form an international perspective on anything from art and architecture to business, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Shanghai is not only the most populous city in China, but it has been described as the “showpiece of the booming economy of mainland China.”[i] With such a fascinating backdrop, whether you are looking for a Bachelors degree, a Master's degree or a Doctorate degree, take a look at some of the reasons why earning your degree in Shanghai might be enriching personally, professionally and academically.

Reasons to Earn a Degree in Shanghai, China

While navigating any foreign language barrier can seem daunting, there are many reasons to put that aside for a moment to consider all the motivations to earn a full degree in Shanghai, China. If that sounds about as far away from home as anywhere you have ever been, put that aside for a moment too. Studying overseas means you get there and pretty much stay, get into a study and lifestyle groove and perhaps don’t think too much about how long it took you to get there. Whether you are an aspiring executive ready to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate degree, or an undergrad looking to go to college overseas, consider that a full degree abroad in Shanghai warrants consideration.

FUN FACT: To say “master’s degree” in Chinese, say ‘shuoshi’ (web)[ii]

Quality of Education

Shanghai is actually considered a major center for higher education in China, and has some joint university ventures with the United States. Additionally, Shanghai is home to some of the most prestigious universities in China itself.

What is Your Major?

If you do plan to earn a degree in Shanghai, there are a number of academic disciplines that could be enhanced in Shanghai. Here are a few examples;

Business and Finance: Imagine studying international business or pursuing your master of business administration (MBA) in finance in a city with the magnitude of Shanghai. The Shanghai World Financial Center, the Shanghai Tower and Jin Mao Tower stand as super tall reminders that Shanghai is the commercial and financial center of mainland China.[iii]

Architecture and Engineering: Imagine seeing the skyscrapers and then going back to your structural engineering classes with a brain full of inspiration. Or visiting the Bund on the banks of the Huangpu River where in one day you are seeing neoclassical and art deco buildings. Shanghai truly has a variety of architectural styles.

Chinese language, literature, culture: Imagine building fluency in Chinese in and out of the classroom. Whether you are seeking an immersion in Mandarin, or have foreign language requirements in your Bachelor of Arts programs, why not earn your degree in Shanghai where you can build proficiency through enjoying a meal with classmates, visiting a local bookstore or buying subway tickets?

Boost a Resume

Earning your degree abroad may show future hiring managers that you have the flexibility and confidence to adapt to situations. Plus, as an international student, you have a certain cultural awareness that comes from exploring the world and studying overseas.

Grow Your Networks

Students who earn a degree in Shanghai may come away with new business contacts for internships and future jobs as well as a circle of contacts around the globe.


Imagine taking in a film in the city that calls itself the birthplace of Chinese theater, cinema and cyberpunk culture[iv]. To earn your degree in Shanghai means immersion into a vibrant culture that might enhance your classroom studies. Your eyes will have been open to new styles of analysis, management, thought, and organization, not to mention hobbies and food.

Find a Degree Abroad in Shanghai Program

Whether you are seeking a Bachelors, Masters or PhD, Shanghai has both an old city cultural heritage and an ultra-modern downtown vibe and is likely to appeal to prospective students on a number of different levels. If you are ready to earn your degree in Shanghai, refine your search by choosing your degree level and selecting a specialty to browse sponsored full degree programs. Each has unique features so it is a good idea to request more information from each provider. This way you get to stay on top of application forms and deadlines, factoring in time to prepare with appropriate visas.

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