Instead of limiting yourself to a few weeks of study and brief tours, why not consider a Full Degree in Beijing China? China’s rising national strength and increased desire to remain globally competitive in higher education may play a role in the popularity of the country among international students.[i] While any study abroad in China is likely to be a blend of academics and adventure, Beijing is the nation’s political, cultural and educational center[ii] and warrants consideration if you are thinking about earning your degree abroad.

Why Consider a Full Degree in Beijing?

Earning a Full Degree in Beijing China brings you to a city with a history that dates back three millennia. Beijing, while being second to Shanghai in terms of urban population, is headquarters to most of the nation’s largest state-owned companies, has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the last of the four great ancient capitals of China.[iii] Beijing also boasts being the location of two of the country’s most well-ranked institutions – Peking University and Tsinghua University[iv]. With this fascinating backdrop, your education and life experience will extend far beyond the classroom!

FUN FACT: To say “I am a Beijing university student” say ‘Wo shi Beijing Daxue de xuesheng’ (web)[v]

Finding a Degree Abroad Program in Beijing

A few of the things to think about in terms of searching for a Full Degree in Beijing are the degree level (graduate certificate, bachelor, master, doctorate) and the specialty you are interested in. Sometimes you can begin your graduate studies in the United States and then finish your degree in China through a partnership between your university and a local Beijing university. This adds depth and global perspective to many academic disciplines.  Certainly there are any number of subjects that might be brought to life in a city of this magnitude. Study Abroad in China does make an authentic setting for Chinese Immersion, but there is so much more the city has to offer international students.

Lift Your Language Skills

Between computer-assisted language learning, immersion, speaking and listening in and out of classroom, Beijing makes an authentic setting to master Mandarin. In fact, standard Chinese takes its phonology from the Beijing dialect[vi].

International Business

As a major hub and domestic center for business and finance, Beijing’s Financial Street is China’s most important financial regulation center and often called China’s ‘Wall Street’.[vii] Students of international business might find it enriching to study in a city of great economic output and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Environmental Studies

Apart from a monsoon-influenced climate, sandstorms from the Gobi Desert and 2,671 hours of bright sunshine received annually, Beijing has a well-known history of environmental issues[viii]. If you are someone who is interested in air quality, natural-gas, cloud-seeding and preventive pollution controls, earning your degree in Environmental Engineering or Chemical Engineering in Beijing may be a great idea.


Students interested in an Architecture Degree might find Beijing a fascinating blend of ancient and modern architecture. Beijing itself boasts traditional architecture of Imperial China (Forbidden City, Tian’anmen and the Temple of Heaven). You can also find boxy “Sino-Sov” styles built between the 1950’s and 1970’s alongside with the contemporary architecture of Beijing’s financial district[ix]

Cultural and Religious Studies

Students with a calling to study Eastern religions and Chinese culture might find a Full Degree in Beijing quite rewarding. Beijing has a diverse blend of Chinese folk religion, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam and Christianity. With temples such as the Big Bell Temple, the Guanghua Temple and the White Cloud Temple mixed in with modern churches (see the Haidan Christian Church) to visit as part of your interactive education, you will likely enjoy not having to rush everything into a shorter study abroad experience.

Study-Life Balance

Spending a few years outside your comfort zone may seem daunting, and you certainly may have to get used to different customs, hearing Chinese spoken in the streets, and getting around on the second longest subway system in the world[x]. On the other hand, developing a rhythm that mixes academics and study with time off may be easier to do with the extra time in your favor. You might decide to make a top ten of the best places for Peking duck in Beijing, or avoid the lines of tourists when you visit the Forbidden City and the Palace Museum on off-peak hours.

Take the Next Step

If you are interested in studying abroad in China, there are many full degree programs to look into in Beijing. Scroll through the sponsored listings to see what is available. Contacting each program provider helps you figure out many of the important details which vary between them. Deadlines, how to transfer credits, housing, tuition, and other features are important to know before you make your choice. 

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