It has finally hit me. I leave this wonderful place in a week. I have been so caught up in studying and taking finals that I took a deep breath and realized it's almost over. I am trying to focus on how excited I am to be going home so I don't get sad about leaving. This last week, I am taking in the beauty around me and really appreciating this amazing opportunity. 

I would definitely recommend studying abroad to anyone. I now have a city in France that I will always consider my "home." It will be interesting to see what happens in the future now that I have friends all of the world. 

I plan on continuing my french studies and to hopefully become fluent. I know I will be attending french club more often just to speak to people in the language I have heard all around me for 15 weeks. No more hearing french being spoken outside of my window. 

I will give an update on what it is like returning to the US once I get back. I am actually really nervous after being away for what feels like forever to me. It will definitely be an adjustment.